More Spiritual Warfare Resources in an Age of Wickedness

In the 80’s and 90’s I did not believe that the end times were close – now it seems that everything is aligning for major totalitarian change. Traditional morality and Christian values are despised – wickedness is endorsed and protected. The rise of technology allows easy monitoring of beliefs and movements, and soon, financial transactions. It is easy to see that dissidents who disagree with the “new morality of the perverse” will be easily penalised by being denied digital access to money or blocked from shopping transactions. At present, censorship is happening on Facebook, Google and YouTube against those who oppose the new world agenda. Why? By accepting lesser evils and normalising them, greater evils and atrocities can be committed with less resistance. If sin is endorsed and popularised, the truly good and god-fearing will be shunned. Population growth, beliefs and values will be controlled by the worst of men and women. Christ preserve our souls.

Strong – Systematic Theology


Spiritual Warfare – Derek Prince

They Shall Expel Demons – Derek Prince

Surviving the Last Days – Derek Prince







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