Why Satan Prefers Socialism

The evidence is building that Americans are turning away from their long cherished love for democracy, freedom and capitalism in an astonishing fashion.

For example, in a 2017 Gallup survey, Millennials (18 – 29 year olds) had almost equally positive views of both capitalism and socialism (57% – 55%, respectively).

In a stunning 2017 You-Gov survey, 37% of America said they preferred socialism or even communism over capitalism.

And, believe it or not, a World Values Survey found that 24% of young Americans think that democracy is a “bad” or “very bad” way of running the country.

It appears that more and more Americans want a “planned” rather than free economy, an abolition of the differences between business owners and workers and ultimately an end to private property – all distinctives of a socialist state.

Socialism envisions a future perfect condition for man – one achieved through man’s own efforts – a sort of societal pulling oneself up by one’s own bootstraps.

Non-Christians find this concept easy to embrace. If man is good, they reason, then why shouldn’t he be perfectible and, if perfectible, why not through human exertion?

Christians, on the other hand, believe in original sin, the fallenness of man, and know that the only perfect state for humankind will come under the direct governance of Jesus Christ after his return.

Until then, Christians know that the poor will always be with us and that man is not God and is incapable of engineering his own utopia.

Socialisms underlying basic assumption of man’s perfectibility through human engineered social means leads to one of its central tenants; a planned economy.

Thinking about this, it is obvious that a planned economy must needs a planner(s). Along with planning comes control (the plan is no good if people are allowed to go off plan) and control is the more effective the more it is centralized.

It becomes easy to understand why socialized countries usually end up being governed by all-powerful tyrants.

Contrast the Christian way where God favors each man with maximum liberty, able to choose for himself either a blessed or cursed future.

The God of the bible frowns upon the more centralized governmental systems, instead preferring direct relationship with each individual person – a feat only He can do.

God does not need intermediate human constructed social artifices to communicate with every human on the planet.  He can do it directly, the Holy Spirit not being constrained.

However, Satan can only relate to one person at a time.

Not possessing the Godly attributes of omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience, he must rely on his devilish minions, who are likewise limited.

Hence, he is forever furthering the cause of centralized human power so as to be able to influence the more of humanity with his finite number of devils.

In other words, if control is cemented in a limited number of people, he can the more thoroughly corrupt them with his likewise limited number of underlings. But, they would be vastly less effective in their evil work where power is dissipated and they have to deal with decision makers who are free and numerous (a democracy).

This is one reason why Christianity has traditionally viewed government as the preserver of freedom, order and justice under the law-word of God, while socialists think government is a revolutionary tool to be used by those who would be gods, to fix creation because the Creator didn’t do right the first time.

The second socialist distinctive, the adolescent dream of extinguishing differences of class, wealth, position, etc., reeks of hypocrisy.

Why?  Because its planned and controlled economy requires planners and controllers who, by necessity, possess more power than any capitalist business owner could ever dream of possessing. 

While pretending to the levelling of all peoples, socialism retains its planners carrying out the will of its masters proving that it is more a game about power than it is about egalitarianism.

And, of course, the Bible never advocates for egalitarianism.  As far back as the 10 Commandments, it assumes inequality and finds no sin in its existence.  The only sin being in our hearts as we covet what we don’t have.

The fact that we are capable of coveting is de facto Biblical acknowledgement that we aren’t equal.

Socialism, then, can be viewed as the antithesis of Christianity in that it institutionalizes envy in its attempt to level everyone to the same conditions.

God, anti-egalitarian that He is, separates the sheep from the goats, sending some to heaven and some to hell – no levelling here.

Actually, the same can be noticed about socialisms third aspect, the abolition of private property. 

When nationalization of property occurs it is only the transfer of rights of ownership from many individuals to one government. 

The prerogatives of ownership still exist, only now they will be exercised by a different class of people, those who possess governmental power.

It is somewhat difficult to conjure up a reason to believe why these people who happen to work for government will be better managers of property than the former free (now dependent) owners would.

But, there are reasons to believe that stewardship by design usually results in an outcome less benign.

A private property owner has his own interest at stake. Any bad decision will impact his own well-being negatively.

He is highly incentivized to make constructive beneficial choices.

Conversely, a bureaucrat is not harmed (even if society is) by his bad decisions. He has no personal stake and suffers no personal ramifications for mistakes.

This is why we see so many colossal public policy mistakes (such as the vast western fires on ill-managed public lands and massive pollution events like the recent EPA Animas River spill fiasco in Colorado, etc.)

There is no personal skin in the game for government workers, their pie-in-the-sky schemes are implemented by fiat and when they fail, all of us have to pay, but not them.

The Biblical take on private property is one that takes seriously individual & familial ownership, “The prince shall not take from the people’s inheritance, thrusting them out of their possession…”

In fact, private ownership of property is so important in God’s economy that He instructed the Israelites in the laws of Jubilee, mandating the return of any alienated property to its original owner (or family) every 50 years.

And, in the case of Naboth’s vineyard, God’s displeasure with governmental confiscation of private property is made abundantly clear.

Private property is the clear Biblical source for man’s liberty under God to pursue the stewardship mandate. Without its possession, man is left to play the slave under the mastery of the all-powerful state.

Socialists must suffer from some adolescent psychological malady to be able to continue to lust after an imaginary perfect world even when all logical evidence points to mans’ inability to establish heaven on earth.

How can they believe that man is good and not fallen after Nazism, 100 or more million deaths – by design – from Communism, untold suffering and murder directly attributable to Maoism – all off-shoots in varying flavors of socialism and, all in the last century?

How can they be so stupid, arrogant and obstinate to believe socialism can deliver the goods vis-à-vis capitalism and republicanism given the historical record?

Their ability to maintain their amazing faith in their own ability to re-organize the world in a better way even when the evidence and reason declares that all such efforts have and will miserably fail, borders on the maniacal.

The Christians duty is to resist these professed prophets of social perfection and defend the faith, its doctrines and the necessary corollaries and all that they mean for man’s civil structures – educational, cultural, social, economic and governmental.


Rumours of War….

‘The battle is on’: China warns it will no longer be ‘intimidated’ by the US

China’s state media has warned that the “battle is on”, as tensions with western nations continue to grow during the coronavirus pandemic.news.com.auMAY 28, 20209:30P

China hits back at Australia with crippling trade tariffs as tensions heat up over Coronavirus investigation.

China’s state media has warned that the “battle is on” with the United States, as tensions with the West continue to grow amid the coronavirus pandemic.

An editorial in the state-run Global Times newspaper accused the Trump administration of “seizing China by the throat”, saying the rising superpower is “prepared to engage in a long-term battle with the US”.

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It comes after Donald Trump announced earlier this week that the US would work on a response to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong.

“Since China is determined to push forward the national security legislation for Hong Kong, it has been prepared for any possible reaction from the US,” the editorial said.

“Many Chinese people have realised that some US politicians are seizing China by its throat. A long-term rivalry between China and the US is inevitable. In the face of US aggression, China should adopt a calm mentality and be prepared to engage in a long-term battle with the US.”

China’s state media has warned that the “battle is on” with the United States. (Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP)

China’s state media has warned that the “battle is on” with the United States. (Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP)Source:AFP

Beijing warned the US would “suffer the most” if a financial trade war between the two countries were to grow.

“If a financial war spirals out of control, it is the US that will suffer the most. With its real economy shrinking, the US economy is largely relying on the financial sector, which means launching a financial war equals self-harm.

“The Chinese people are pragmatic and hardworking. We have constructed a comprehensive manufacturing system and built the technological ability to make breakthroughs. We also have a vast market. Hardly can such a country be isolated and contained.”


It went on to say China is ready for “battle” over the Hong Kong issue.

“The China-US ‘battle’ over Hong Kong is on. The US is free to play any cards in its hand. Hong Kong is under China’s sovereignty, and whatever act Washington passes is just wastepaper.

“Amid the long-term competition with the US, one of the most important tasks for China is to build up its internal vitality. We have sufficient means to resist external blows, while internal flexibility and vitality are sources of subsequent stamina. In the end, China is competing with itself.”

Donald Trump announced earlier this week that the US would work on a response to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong. (Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP)

Donald Trump announced earlier this week that the US would work on a response to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong. (Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP)Source:AFP

Over the weekend, thousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong took to the streets over a controversial new security law put forward by the Chinese government.

The law will allow Chinese national security agencies to deploy in the semi-autonomous territory for the first time, in line with the Chinese Communist Party’s aim to bring Hong Kong more under its control.

Earlier this week, the Trump administration warned that the US would likely impose sanctions on China if the law were to pass.

China has repeatedly threatened the US in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, warned that members of the Trump administration “are taking China-US relations hostage and pushing our two countries to the brink of a new cold war”.

“This dangerous attempt to turn back the will of history will undo the fruits of decades-long China-US co-operation, dampen America’s own development prospects, and put world stability and prosperity in jeopardy,” he said.

The debate over trade has intensified as the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic becomes more pronounced.

The US, which today surpassed 100,000 COVID-19 deaths, is trying to pin the blame on the Chinese Communist Party, while Beijing says the Trump administration is trying to keep it from becoming a global power.

Bible Prophecy Revealed

by John Hagee.

Bible prophecy clearly reveals that in the last days prior to the rapture of the church, four powerful kings will race onto the world stage with two objectives.

1. To conquer the world, and to reign as global dictators. These dictators will strip you of your freedoms. They will take your civil liberties, and you will become property and slaves of the state.

2. To conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people. Their desire is to control the city of Jerusalem and prepare for the anointing of the false Messiah.

Israel is currently surrounded by nations that are screaming for their blood. Anti-Semitism is raging through Europe and the United States, often celebrated in liberal universities among our young people. Jews are being targeted around the world for assassination, and their synagogues are being vandalized as worshippers are being killed. It is a sickening sight to be sure!

This massive prophetic, geopolitical drama is unraveling across the front pages of your news feed each day. The Gog/Magog War mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 has begun!

This war is the beginning of a series of wars that will engulf the world in what many will call World War III. The Bible calls it Armageddon. You don’t need to be a geopolitical expert to know that our world is coming apart at the seams. We are racing toward the end of the world as we know it.

Revelation 13 describes the beast rising out of the sea.

In prophetic terms, “the sea” means the nations of the world. John is telling us that he is looking at the nations of the world. John is pulling back the curtain of time to reveal the pending apocalypse. This is something that was foretold over 2,000 years ago and is now coming true in our lifetime!

The four kings mentioned in Revelation are, right now, taking center stage for the first time in world history.

The King of the North is Russia. Although the name Russia doesn’t appear in Scripture, the geographic location is given in the Bible to pinpoint accuracy. I have given you all of the details for this final showdown, walking you through both history and Scripture in my latest book “Earth’s Last Empire.”

Vladimir Putin is currently trying to rebuild the Russian Empire. With it, he thinks he can conquer the world. They have certainly started working on this with their far- reaching military encampments.

The King of the South is Egypt and the Arab Islamic forces. Keep in mind that all directions given in the Bible are with regard to the city of Jerusalem. In God’s mind, Jerusalem is the epicenter of the universe. When Ezekiel speaks of Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya, he’s speaking of the Arab Islamic nations.

The King of the East is China, a military superpower that neither fears nor respects the U.S. The Bible’s word for “east” simply means “sun rising.” This lets us know that it is describing China. This king, as described in Revelation, will lead a massive march of an army numbering over 200 million soldiers.

The King of the East is distinguished by his number, color, and flag. The three frogs or three demonic spirits that seduce him will get them to come to the Battle of Armageddon. Armageddon is the mother of all wars.

It will be fought on the sacred soil of Israel for global supremacy between the King of the West and the King of the East. The pending prize is the throne of the earth, to rule and reign.

The King of the West is America and the United Kingdom. This king will be led by the antichrist, who will force every person to receive his mark on their right hand or forehead. Those who do not comply will be decapitated.

The target of the King of the West is Israel. He will set up his image and proclaim that he is god in the city of Jerusalem. The antichrist will demand that the world worship him. His false prophet will call fire down from heaven to consume the sacrifice laid upon the altar, emulating the Prophet Elijah on Mt. Carmel.

These kings who are currently jockeying for position throughout the globe will come face-to-face with the King of kings and Lord of lords in all of His glory. Our God is the Creator of the Universe and promised to rule and reign for all eternity! He has all power in heaven and on earth. He holds the seven seas in the palm of His hand and He calls the stars by name. Who is greater than our God? Absolutely no one!

As a believer in Jesus, all you need to know is… OUR SAVIOR WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY ANY ARMY OR ANY KING.

Only HE can dictate the future of Jerusalem. And only HE can forgive you of your sin and save you for all eternity.

While this is a very real picture of the future of our world, as described throughout the Scripture, those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior are going to be raptured. We live with the confidence that in HIS Kingdom, there shall be no end. Are you ready?


Pentagon UFO Disclosure: Foreshadowing the Demonic

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In the middle of the pandemic crisis, the Pentagon has seen fit to acknowledge the genuine nature of UFO footage captured by military aircraft. It may be noted that they were careful to neither affirm nor deny that the ‘unidentified phenomena’ was of extraterrestrial origin…. Other related articles focus on the Pentagon officials’ beliefs that UFO phenomena may be either demonic or divine activity. The Japanese response is very interesting – denying alien life but regarding psychic and spiritual phenomena as a ‘corporate secret’. With anecdotal evidence showing that alien phenomena are involved in cattle mutilation, forced abductions and an aversion to prayer, one cannot help but wonder if this phenomena comes from a malevolent source that is not alien, but of fallen angels who serve the Evil One.

Washington (CNN)The Pentagon has officially released three short videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” that had previously been released by a private company.

The videos show what appear to be unidentified flying objects rapidly moving while recorded by infrared cameras. Two of the videos contain service members reacting in awe at how quickly the objects are moving. One voice speculates that it could be a drone.
The Navy previously acknowledged the veracity of the videos in September of last year. They are officially releasing them now, “in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos,” according to Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough.
“After a thorough review, the department has determined that the authorized release of these unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems,” said Gough in a statement, “and does not impinge on any subsequent investigations of military air space incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena.”
The Navy now has formal guidelines for how its pilots can report when they believe they have seen possible UFO’s.
The Navy videos were first released between December 2017 and March 2018 by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a company co-founded by former Blink-182 musician Tom DeLonge that says it studies information about unidentified aerial phenomena.
In 2017, one of the pilots who saw one of the unidentified objects in 2004 told CNN that it moved in ways he couldn’t explain.
“As I got close to it … it rapidly accelerated to the south, and disappeared in less than two seconds,” said retired US Navy pilot David Fravor. “This was extremely abrupt, like a ping pong ball, bouncing off a wall. It would hit and go the other way.”
The Pentagon has previously studied recordings of aerial encounters with unknown objects as part of a since-shuttered classified program that was launched at the behest of former Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. The program was launched in 2007 and ended in 2012, according to the Pentagon, because they assessed that there were higher priorities that needed funding.
Nevertheless, Luis Elizondo, the former head of the classified program, told CNN in 2017 that he personally believes “there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone.”
“These aircraft — we’ll call them aircraft — are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of,” Elizondo said of objects they researched. He says he resigned from the Defense Department in 2017 in protest over the secrecy surrounding the program and the internal opposition to funding it.
Reid tweeted Monday that he was “glad” the Pentagon officially released the videos, but that “it only scratches the surface of research and materials available. The U.S. needs to take a serious, scientific look at this and any potential national security implications.”
And some members of Congress are still interested in the issue, with senators receiving a classified briefing from Navy officials on unidentified aircraft last summer.
“If pilots at Oceana or elsewhere are reporting flight hazards that interfere with training or put them at risk, then Senator Warner wants answers. It doesn’t matter if it’s weather balloons, little green men, or something else entirely — we can’t ask our pilots to put their lives at risk unnecessarily,” Rachel Cohen, spokeswoman for Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, told CNN at the time.


Pentagon and MoD officials feared UFOs were either ‘demonic’ or sent by God, former investigators reveal

Pentagon and MoD officials feared UFOs were either ‘demonic’ or sent by God, former investigators reveal

UFO investigations carried out by the Pentagon and British Ministry of Defence were hampered by the religious beliefs of senior staff, former employees have revealed. Two men who worked on secret UFO programmes on both sides of the Atlantic said their work received ‘pushback’ from high-ranking officials who feared fast-moving objects glimpsed in our skies were either ‘demonic’ or divine. Luis Elizondo, who headed up the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), spoke out about his work in a New York Times article last year. Footage of an encounter between an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet and an oval-shaped object with no exhaust, wings or tail travelling at incredible speeds was later released to illustrate the sort of sightings investigated by the AATIP.


The project shut down in 2012 after allegedly amassing information on other aircraft which appeared to move extremely quickly without seeming to have any visible form of propulsion such as a jet engine – or hover in the air without techniques of generating ‘lift’ such as rotor blades. This investigation was contracted out to Bigelow Aerospace, whose founder once told CBS 60 Minutes he was ‘absolutely convinced’ that aliens are real and that our planet has been visited by UFOs. Officially, this project was shut down so the cash could be ploughed into other projects. But Elizondo, a former intelligence officer who ran AATIP, has told Las Vegas Now that his study also received ‘pushback’ from The Pentagon because some top-ranking officials ‘opposed it on religious grounds’.

Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence, told us that he encountered the same sort of attitude when working in the UK. ‘I was aware that Pentagon pushback on UFO research was in part due to the religious belief of some of those involved,’ he said. ‘It was an odd irony that UFO investigations were being hampered because some people’s belief in God meant that they either didn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life or that they regarded UFOs and extraterrestrials as demonic. ‘The fact that some people regard UFOs as demonic seems to have its roots in the biblical description of Satan as being ‘the prince of the power of the air’ from Ephesians 2:2. ‘Luis Elizondo says that he came up against religious pushback from senior staff when he ran the Pentagon’s UFO program, and I saw some evidence of this at the MoD too.’

The project was also referred to as the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program. The US Department of Defense has not released any files relating to the project, which did not explicitly state that it related to aliens but instead focused on studying 12 areas of interest including lift, propulsion and stealth techniques, as well as ‘human interface’ and ‘human effects’ – which  is believed to mean investigators spoke to people who had encountered UFOs. ‘What this tells me is that the Defense Intelligence Agency looked at some UFO sightings as part of a wider intelligence assessment of the threat from next-generation aircraft, missiles and drones,’ Pope added. ‘Embedding this work in a weapons and aviation program is a logical move, but raises the question of whether the real concern was Martians or Russians.’ A spokesperson for the Department of Defense inside the Pentagon recently confirmed the AATIP project had shut down in 2012, although the New York Times reporters that exposed its work believe it is still operational in some capacity. Replying to a letter sent by the website Black Vault, she wrote: ‘The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program ended in 2012. It was determined that there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding and it was in the best interest of the DoD to make a change.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/08/religious-pentagon-mod-officials-thought-ufos-demonic-divine-former-government-investigators-reveal-7529174/?ito=cbshare

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Kono: Planning will begin for SDF response to UFO encounter


April 28, 2020 at 17:36 JST


Although Defense Minister Taro Kono doesn’t believe in UFOs, he wants the Self-Defense Forces to have a plan in place for any encounter–just in case.

Kono made the comment at a news conference on April 28 after the U.S. Defense Department declassified and released videos shot by Navy pilots pointing to the possibility that UFOs exist.

“We would like to establish procedures in the event an encounter is made with a UFO,” Kono said.

He indicated his ministry and the SDF would begin preparing for such an event.

While Kono said the SDF had not yet encountered a UFO, he added, “If video can be taken (of a UFO encounter) and if a report is possible, then a report will be made. Discussions will be held with the Air SDF about just what can be done.”

He said ministry officials will ask their Pentagon counterparts about the release of the videos as well as any analysis they had conducted.

In February 2018, the Japanese government issued its official position on UFOs saying, “no confirmation has been made of their existence.”

The document in response to questions from a lawmaker added, “The government has not considered in any specific manner what will be done should a UFO be sighted flying toward Japan.”

At the news conference, Kono admitted that he himself did not believe that UFOs exist. However, the defense minister was less forthcoming when asked if he believed in supernatural powers or psychic phenomenon.

“That is a corporate secret,” he replied.

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Believers in an Apostate Church


By Dr J. Vernon McGee (1904 – 1988)

But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your
most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep
yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy
of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of
some have compassion, making a difference; and
others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire,
hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Now
unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and
to present you faultless before the presence of his glory
with exceeding joy, to the only wise God, our Savior,
be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both
now and ever. Amen.
 (Jude 20 — 25)

The Apostasy Has Arrived

The church is in a very sad state at the present hour. The thing that is alarming about it is that the church is satisfied with it. Some preachers are greatly exercised over it, but they are the minority. I find very few people who are disturbed today. Most of the church has settled down into this deplorable state we’re in, have accepted it, and feel that nothing can be done about it.

As we approach this subject of apostasy, I want to define our terms so that we do not get lost in the labyrinth of bewildering theological nomenclature. We need to understand exactly what the apostasy is before we can know what to do about it.

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that, in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons. (1 Timothy 4:1)

The verse begins with the little Greek word de, which is translated here as “now” but is better translated as “but” since it indicates a contrast with the early doctrinal creed given in the verse that immediately precedes it:

And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the nations, believed on in the world, received up into glory. (1 Timothy 3:16)

“Latter times” in 1 Timothy 4:1 is a technical expression. In the Bible you will find the terms “last days,” “last times,” or “the time of the end.” The Bible doesn’t use the expression “the end of time” because the world doesn’t come to an end. (Although “the end of the world” appears in our Authorized Version, it is more accurately “the end of the age.” The world doesn’t come to an end. Oh, I know there will be a new heaven and a new earth, but that doesn’t mean we get rid of the earth. It’s here for eternity. Therefore, there is no such thing — as far as the Word of God is concerned — as the end of the world or the end of time.) But there is such a thing as the last days, the latter times, and the end of the age. When you find this expression occurring in the Scriptures, you need to discern to what it refers. It can refer to the nation Israel (as in Genesis 49:1) or it can refer to the church. Those “last days” refer to a very definite technical period that the Lord Jesus in the Olivet Discourse labeled the Great Tribulation Period.

Now when Paul uses it here, speaking to the young preacher Timothy, he is referring to the latter days of the church — that is, those days immediately preceding the Rapture. This is the way the church will conclude its earthly career: “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that, in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith” (1 Timothy 4:1). In other words, the Spirit of God would emphasize to believers that in the latter days some shall depart from the faith.

The expression “depart from the faith” is where we want to center our attention. The word “depart” is the Greek aphistemi, formed by the little preposition apo, which means “away from,” and histemi, meaning “to stand.” The apostasy (for we bring it over into English by transliteration) means “to stand away from.” It means to one time profess something and another time deny that which you once professed. Webster, who always does a good job of defining words, says that the apostasy is the “abandonment of what one has voluntarily professed; total desertion of the principles of faith.” Abandonment of that which was voluntarily professed. Our Lord used that expression when He was giving the parable of the sower. Referring to the seed that fell on the rock, He said:

They on the rock are they who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, who for a while believe, and in time of testing fall away. (Luke 8:13)

“Fall away” is the Greek aphistemi — they apostatize. They professed to believe, then they moved away from it. They no longer believe; they have departed from the faith. Apostasy would be impossible among unevangelized tribes who have never heard the gospel. An apostate is one who has not only heard the gospel, but who has professed to believe it, and then departs from it. That’s apostasy. This word occurs also in Hebrews:

Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God. (Hebrews 3:12)

Here are those who have professed to believe, and then they no longer believe. They have departed from it. Time and time again I have heard this among preachers. There are today thousands of men in the ministry (and they’re an unhappy lot) who can say, “I once professed it, but I no longer believe it.”

I want to give an example that I think is startling. Frankly, it ought to cause us to bow our heads in humility before God and ask for His help. We are told to examine ourselves to make sure we are in the faith. These are days when God’s people need to examine their relationship with Christ.

It may surprise you to know that Karl Marx was an apostate. This is the man who wrote Das Capital, the basis of Communism and world revolution. He was brought up in a Christian home. His father, who descended from a long line of rabbis, accepted Christian baptism for himself and his family when Karl was six years old. Young Karl attended the gymnasium at Trier and his school-leaving examination papers have been discovered. The one that gained the most unqualified approval was a theological essay on the union of the faithful in Christ according to John 15:1-14, portrayed in its origin and essence, in its unconditional necessity and in its effect. That is quite a subject for a young fellow! It was marked by the teacher as a thoughtful, copious, and powerful presentation of the theme. The boy was 17 when he wrote this essay in 1835. This is the man who went on to write the ideology for godless states. He was an apostate! He once professed to believe something, there came a day when he stood away from it, and then he no longer believed it.

In my own lifetime I have known man after man who once preached the faith, then later on repudiated it entirely. They are apostates. The Word of God warns that this will happen: “In the latter times, some shall depart from the faith” — they will apostatize.

All the New Testament writers speak of the approaching apostasy. To them it was just a little cloud on the horizon the size of a man’s hand. But that cloud has now darkened and covered the sky. Today you and I are in the storm. We are seeing one of the greatest departures from the faith in the history of the church.

When the church was young it thought of itself as a pilgrim and stranger in this world. It was true to the Lord. It preached the gospel, as defined in 1 Corinthians 15:1-8. Had it continued in that condition, there would have been worldwide evangelism in the first 500 years. But in A.D. 313 Constantine was converted. He issued the Edict of Toleration, which meant that persecution ceased. No longer was the church a martyr church. It came up out of the catacombs. Five million Christians had shed their blood and laid down their lives gladly for Jesus Christ. But suddenly the church found itself in power. Augustine, a great man with a keen mind, wrote The City of God, which gave the church a vision of building the kingdom of God down here upon this earth. Actually this explains Roman Catholicism today. They have attempted to do what Augustine said the church should do — build the kingdom of God here upon this earth. But God never intended that His church should do that. Its mission was to preach the Word of God and to win men to Jesus Christ. But it got away from that. By the end of the nineteenth century, with the tremendous expansion of the British Empire, the most optimistic ideas and notions entered the church. Let me give you two illustrations of this. Ernest Naville in his book, The Problem of Evil, pointed out that the civilization of Europe, which he characterized as Christian civilization, “is visibly making the conquest of the world. Its triumph is only a matter of time. No one doubts it.” A few years ago a man could make that statement and nobody would contradict him. (Oh, there were a few old mossbacks who contradicted him, but nobody paid any attention to them.) But how absurd that statement is today! Also, Justin Smith wrote in 1883: “It has been said that in twenty-five years more, if the present rate of progress continues, India will become as thoroughly Christian as Great Britain is today. There will be 30,000,000 Christians in China, and Japan will be as thoroughly Christianized as America is now. The old systems, they tell us, are honeycombed through and through by Christian influence. It looks as if a day may soon come when these systems, struck by vigorous blows, will fall in tremendous collapse. Meantime, every weapon formed against Christianity breaks in the hand that holds it. Already the Lord’s right hand has gotten Him the victory.” On and on he goes in that vein, as if the entire world would be converted by the beginning of the twentieth century!

However, today there is a line of demarcation running through the organized church, irrespective of denomination, that is as deep and as wide as the Grand Canyon. This breach cannot be resolved, and it cannot be reconciled. It has passed the point of no return. This bifurcation in the church began years ago in Germany in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Its origin was with what is known as higher criticism. First the Graf- Wellhausen hypothesis made its attack upon the integrity of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible written by Moses), and the attack was, of course, upon the Mosaic authorship. Then there was the Bauer-Tubingen hypothesis that made its attack upon the New Testament. These started the assault upon the integrity of the Word of God. Also during that century Darwin wrote his Origin of the Species, and the theory of evolution was introduced into the church and accepted by many. Also it was at this time that Karl Marx wrote Das Capital.

At the turn of the century these philosophies were splitting the church. The protagonists who espoused these viewpoints boastfully took the name of “modernism.” They were progressive, modern, and intellectual, according to their own estimation. Those who did not adopt their viewpoint were called “intellectual obscurantists” — that was their favorite designation. Today modernism has pretty much gone out of style, and the tag that it bears today is “liberalism.” That covers a multitude of sins, let me tell you! It covers a wide range of those who hold various viewpoints in the church today.

Those who adhered to the old creedal statements of the church and defended the fundamentals of the faith were designated as “fundamentalists.” This was an honorable and proud name in the old days. Under this banner marched an array of brilliant scholars and fine Christian gentlemen of the past. The outstanding Hebrew and Greek scholars (who still stand head and shoulders above any that we have today) were called fundamentalists, for that is exactly what they were. They believed in the integrity of the Word of God.

As time went on, “fighting fundamentalists” appeared in the ranks. They were more interested in attacking than in defending the faith. Many of them were unlovely in their conduct and questionable in their ethics. Also there appeared among the fundamentalists religious racketeers, making merchandise out of those who loved the Word of God.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I am a fundamentalist in the true sense of the word, but today the label of “fundamentalism” is almost in desuetude. The press uses it as a term of aspersion and derision, and it is applied to some peculiar groups. For example, several years ago there were articles in the press concerning a group of Mormons in southern Utah and northern Arizona who practiced polygamy, and they were called fundamentalists! We find that the term “fundamentalist” was dropped by a great many, and a broader term “evangelical” was adopted. Under this banner march many speckled birds. It is a catch-all for those who make some attempt to stand for the faith which was once delivered to the saints. Today the term we use more often to designate one who stands for the fundamentals of the faith is “conservative.”

When I entered the ministry in the 1930s, this matter of the apostasy was something way out yonder in the future. We had modernism, yes, but it was a minority and discredited. Dr. Machen had absolutely put the critics of the New Testament (especially concerning the virgin birth) to riot — they were running for cover. Dr. Robert Dick Wilson, the greatest scholar of the twentieth century as far as the Old Testament is concerned, spoke forty languages and had written many books on these ancient languages. I heard him make the statement that the thing he objected to was that his critics had to use his books for source material because there were none others. Dr. Wilson was an outstanding defender of the faith.

Now all of this is changed. The storm has broken with all of its fury. Though I am not a pessimist (I refuse to be called a pessimist unless the pessimist can be defined as the man who blows out the light the optimist thought he saw in the dark, and I do not want to blow out that light), I do think that we need not let the apostasy take us by surprise. We ought to be able to meet it in this hour in which we are living and to recognize it for what it is.

Our Lord Jesus never did predict phenomenal success for His church. This is the thing He did say:

…When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:8)

In the Greek it is “the faith,” and the faith is that body of truth which the apostles have handed down to us. It is not a reference to personal faith, but to belief in the whole body of revealed truth.

The question, “Shall He find the faith on the earth?” is couched in such a way in the Greek that it demands a negative answer. No, He frankly says that He will not find the faith on the earth when He returns. Now I recognize that He is referring to the day when He returns to establish His kingdom, but this hour in which we live is the beginning of that apostasy. So we need to recognize it. We should not let it take us by surprise.

Jude is the book in the New Testament that deals almost exclusively with the apostasy. Jude begins his subject with verse 4:

For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men…

He warns against these certain men who have crept in unawares. “Ordained” here means they were written of beforehand. This is not something new, Jude says. They were “long beforehand marked out for this condemnation.” We went through a period when theologians said that God was dead. Of course they would say that because they were “ungodly men” and God was not even in their thinking.

…Turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

A better understood translation would be, “They turned the grace of our God into blatant immorality.” You see, the difference today is the fact that sin, which before was carried on undercover (I’m perfectly willing to admit that there was sin and unbelief in the church before), is today blatant. Immorality has come out in the open. Ministers in our great denominations are saying that adultery, lying, and stealing are perfectly permissible. They have turned the grace of our God into blatant immorality.

A few years ago in Washington, D.C., a minister said, “We liberal churchmen are no longer interested in the fundamental modernist controversy. We do not believe we should even waste our time engaging in it. So far as we are concerned, it makes no difference whether Christ was born of a virgin or not. We don’t even bother to form an opinion on the subject.”

An Arlington, Virginia, minister said, “We have closed our minds to such trivial consideration as the question of the resurrection of Christ. If you fundamentalists wish to believe that nonsense, we have no objection, but we have more important things to preach than the presence or absence of an empty tomb twenty centuries ago.”

A leading minister in Washington, D.C., said flatly, “In our denomination what you call the ‘faith of our Fathers’ is approaching total extinction. Of course a few of the older ministers still cling to the Bible. But among the younger men, the real leaders of our denomination today, I do not know a single one who believes in Christ, or any of the things that you classify as fundamentals.”

Another man said, “We are interested in human life and human destiny on earth. We don’t know or care whether there is a life beyond the grave. We presume there is a God but we know that he will ever be a mystery to us. We do not know or care whether God possesses personality or not. He may be just an impersonal force. Religion means very little, if anything. In the modern world religion has no vital place. The function of the modern ministers is to guide the thinking people along social and economic lines. Morals, like religion, are out of date. The world today requires a new social order. The younger generation won’t need either morals or religion if we create a social order without ignorance or poverty. We are moving in the direction of the elimination of prayer from our services entirely. We still include it occasionally, to please those who are accustomed to it, for prayer is a sort of habit with folks. It takes time to educate them to a realization that it is a hang-over from the superstitious past. We do not teach Bible to our young people. We do not teach them to pray. Our youth program is centered around recreation.”

Friends, at the present moment and for some time now the church has been engaged in a great brainwashing program to absolutely get rid of the Word of God. Now I went to school with some of these fellows, and I know what kind of grades they made, so their intellectual facade is interesting indeed.

It is my feeling that real believers ought to wake up at this hour. What a wonderful hour in which to live! We can still be intelligent and believe the Word of God, believe that Jesus Christ nearly 2000 years ago intruded into history and died on a cross, that He arose again the third day bodily, ascended back to heaven, and that He is alive today. He has sent the Holy Spirit into the world, and the Holy Spirit has made Him real to multitudes of folk in every walk of life. This is our message, and it is still pertinent for this hour to meet the needs of the human heart.

I feel sorry for these men who have departed from the faith. My heart goes out to apostates, because they are lost without a compass, lost in the dark, lost without knowing where they are going.

Have you ever been lost?

I used to hunt up in the Tehachapi mountains in California. Several years ago a friend and I went up to the Kelso Valley to hunt quail. We parked the car and walked two or three miles, but we did not see a quail. Finally we came to a covey of quail, there must have been 200 birds in it! I have never seen such a large covey — believe me, we were excited. My companion had a heart condition, and he overdid it so he had to return to the car. But I stayed on and followed that covey as they scattered in every direction. As I followed them, I lost sense of time and direction. I didn’t even know where I was. All of a sudden it occurred to me that I was lost. I did not know which direction to go. The foothills of the Tehachapis are rugged country. I climbed to the top of one of the hills and looked around to see if I could recognize some spot. I give you my word, I couldn’t see a hill, a tree, or anything that looked familiar. At a time like that one has a feeling of fright, so I started out rather hurriedly and walked, I’m sure, for thirty minutes. Suddenly it occurred to me that I must be going in the wrong direction. I could see nothing familiar. I turned around and started off in the opposite direction, thinking I would see something familiar. There was nothing. Without a compass, without knowing where I was, I became absolutely frightened. Again I climbed to the top of the highest hill in that area and scanned the landscape. Believe me, I prayed to the Lord to get me out of that situation. And as I stood there, I thought how tragic it is to be lost in this world and not know where you are going — to have no compass, no map, no anything. Just lost.

I must have stayed there over an hour praying and wondering. Finally I saw a car coming down a very rough trail. Men got out and started down the road. I called to them, “Have you seen a blue car?”

“Yes, parked up the road about one mile.” That was my direction. I came down off that hill, went up that road, and when I saw my friend — I never have seen anyone that I was as glad to see — there he was sitting, eating lunch.

My friend, today multitudes in this world are lost. And the tragedy of it is they have wrecked their compass, they have mutilated their map, and they don’t know which way to go.

Maybe you are lost.

Well, I am delighted to be able to tell you that this Book, the Bible, is a compass, and it’s a map. It clearly reveals the way to God. In it the Lord Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). Multitudes who have been lost in this world have come to Him and found it to be true, and you can find it to be true even in these days of apostasy.

What Can Believers Do?

But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference; and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God, our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen. (Jude 20-25)

When Jude began to write his epistle, he tells us that it was his thought to write on some theme that pertained to our common salvation. I imagine he could have been writing on repentance or redemption or sanctification or even the coming of Christ. But he was detoured by the Holy Spirit to write on the forthcoming apostasy, and he uses frightful terms to speak of it. I am of the opinion that folk in the early church, as they read the Epistle of Jude, found it difficult to believe that the days would come when there would be that kind of an apostasy in the church.

You see, the apostasy is not outside the church. It is on the inside. The severest attack upon the Word of God, upon the Christian faith, and upon the church, is coming from inside the church today. So much so that Charles Lee Smith, who founded the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, said: “The pulpit is doing a much better job than we are doing!” You will no longer see the greatest attack upon the Word of God made in the city square where the soap box orators hold forth — they are pikers. Go to some liberal church today and you will hear the greatest attack upon the Word of God. The Bible is being discredited all across America every Sunday morning.

It was Horatius Bonar, a great saint of the past, who made this statement in light of the little Epistle of Jude: “In some ages evil seems to sleep. In the last days it will awake to full life and activity. It will seize every instrument: the press, the pulpit, the platform.” Today evil has taken over the press; it has taken over the pulpit and the platform. Bonar continues, “It will enlist every science and art — music, sculpture, painting, portrait, philosophy — making them all subservient to its development. The multiplication of crimes, contempt of laws, blasphemies — these are the specimens of the energy of evil.” In this day in which you and I live, these are the things that fill our morning newspaper. There is no use for me to recount ad nauseum the things that are happening in our contemporary society. We are now in the midst of the apostasy.

What can God’s people do? Jude details for us what we as believers can do in days of apostasy. Frankly, these are things we must do if we are to keep our heads above water.

Now it irritates me a little when I’m aboard an airplane, especially when I’m flying over water, to be given those long instructions about what I’m to do in case we ditch. As you know, the stewardess goes through a demonstration, explaining what to do. I was complaining about this to a friend of mine who is a pilot. He said to me, “You’d better listen to those instructions. If you don’t follow them, you’d never get out alive. But you have a chance if you will follow the instructions.”

Jude has given us instructions. He warns us that we are flying over dangerous territory. If we want to survive, these are the things we must do. He mentions seven things that believers can do in days like these in which we are living.

Beginning with verse 20, he says, “But ye, beloved…” Up to this point he has described the apostasy. And, believe me, he paints a dark picture. But now he is speaking to believers. “But ye, beloved” do these things:

1. Building up yourselves on your most holy faith…

The word “faith” is actually the faith, the body of truth that has been given to us in the Word of God. When the first church came into existence, it is said that they “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine” (Acts 2:42), which was the body of truth that has come down to us in the Word of God. We must build up ourselves in that if we are to stand.

In other words we are to study the Word of God. Since God gave sixty-six books, He meant that we are to study all sixty-six of them — not only the three or four that are our favorites. How many Bible classes go back and forth, teaching John, Romans, and oh, they’ll teach Revelation, but what about the other sixty-three books that are in the Bible? Why don’t we study them? Why don’t we study all of them? My friend, if you are going to build yourself up in your most holy faith, you must have the total Word of God. You can’t build a house without a foundation. And when you get the foundation laid, you will need to put up some timbers to hold the roof, you’ll need sides on it, and of course you’ll want to fix it up on the inside. Friend, you need all sixty-six books of the Bible if you are going to build up yourself on your most holy faith.

Paul and Peter urge us to study the Word of God. Paul in his “swan song” said:

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

We are to study! And he added:

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16)

In other words, the recourse that you and I have in these days is the Word of God.

The reason that many fall by the wayside is that the Seed fell among stones. It didn’t get deeply rooted. The Word of God is the Seed, and unless you study all the Word of God, getting down in the good rich soil, you are not going to become a very healthy looking plant. And it won’t be long until you are trampled down and burned out by the sun. To stand in days like these you need to be rooted in the Word of God.

Now Peter in his second Epistle (he is writing of the apostasy, just as did Paul) says:

We have also a more sure word of prophecy, unto which ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts; knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. (2 Peter 1:1920)

Don’t pull out just one or two verses and think you have it, my friend. That is the tragedy of Bible study today — drawing out a few verses here and a few verses there and building a system. Why not take it all? Certainly there are parts of the Word of God that you are not going to like. It steps on your toes, or it runs counter to current philosophy, but it is necessary to build up ourselves on our most holy faith.

In other words, when you get into days of apostasy, the compass and the chart that you have is the Word of God. This is the reason I have built my ministry entirely upon the Word of God. I believe it is our only hope.

Now these pastors who say they do not believe nor teach the Bible — I am wondering how many people are interested in their liberal message today. In spite of days of apostasy, I find that there is a great heart-hunger on the part of many folk for the Word of God. They want a sure word from God Himself in this hour of uncertainty. They want to know what He says.

At the turn of the century there was a movement in the church away from preaching and teaching the Bible. I remember as a boy going to church I knew nothing, and I knew nothing after I’d been to church because the Word of God was never preached. It was always a service built on emotion or it was a book review or it had to do with some sort of an entertainment. As a result, we have in America a “Christian” civilization of the most biblically illiterate people who ever have been on top side of the earth. The common man in Germany after the Reformation knew more about the Word of God than does the average man in America today.

The tragedy is that even believers are ignorant of the Bible. In this hour of apostasy, God’s people need not only to say they believe in the Word of God from cover to cover, but they need to know what is between the covers. In this day of confusion and compromise you need to build up yourself in the most holy faith by a serious study of the Word of God.

Let me remind you that the Bible is unique. It is a Book that is different from any other. It is written by men and they include in it their own personalities — God did not disturb that at all — but He so guided them that when they had finished, God had gotten through His message to man without error.

Not only is it without error, but this Book still has power. Paul writes to the Thessalonians:

For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit, and in much assurance, as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake. (1 Thessalonians 1:5)

This Book has a message for those who will hear it, a message that will transform hearts and lives. The Word of God is not only a chart and compass, but it is our powerhouse. My friend, you cannot be ignorant of the Word of God and live the Christian life!

There is a second thing, Jude says, that we are to do in days of apostasy:

2. Praying in the Holy Spirit…

This is a little different from saying your prayers at night. Paul, in writing to the Ephesians, told them to take the armor of God (you’ll notice that, with the exception of two, every piece of that armor is for defense). Finally he says to them, “…the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17) — that is that offensive weapon. We have no other offense than that plus “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…” (Ephesians 6:18). This is the type of prayer that touches the throne of God. It is the type of prayer that gets things from God.

It was my theory, up until the time I was pastor of the Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles, that what we needed to do was multiply numbers in a prayer meeting. I do not hold that view any longer. If you have ten people attending a prayer meeting and they are more or less spiritually asleep, it is not a very effective prayer meeting, I can tell you. But to multiply that number from ten to one hundred hasn’t helped it if you’ve brought in ninety more spiritually dull people. All you have now is a hundred dead people instead of ten dead people, and that has not helped the prayer meeting!

However, we do need those who will pray in the Holy Spirit. We need prayer that reaches through and touches the heart of God — prayer to which He listens.

I love that prayer in the ninth chapter of Daniel. Daniel said:

And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes; and I prayed unto the LORD, my God, and made my confession…. (Daniel 9:34)

And God dispatched an angel with an answer to his prayer. I think God said, “You go down and answer his prayer, but I’m going to listen to him.” Daniel went on praying, and he touched the very heart of God.

Have you ever read any of Martin Luther’s prayers? Oh, I tell you, when that man prayed, it was like storming the battlements of heaven! We hear very little praying like that today. But that is the type of prayer that absolutely transformed Europe — prayer in the Holy Spirit.

There are many times when we don’t know what to pray for. I’ll be honest with you — in my lifetime, I have encountered problems for which I have no solution. I used to be able to give the Lord the best advice He ever had received on just how He ought to handle the thing. But I’ve learned that instead of going to Him with a program all outlined and saying, “Look here, Lord, this is the course You should follow,” now I am more inclined to say, “Lord, I don’t know the answer, but You do; if we get the right answer, it will have to come from You.” Therefore, we can throw this back — and I say it reverently — into the lap of God. That’s the way He wants it.

Years ago a missionary in Venezuela sent me a little card on which was a definition of prayer: “Prayer is the Holy Spirit, speaking in the believer, through Christ, to the Father.” Friend, that is a very good definition of prayer.

Praying in the Holy Spirit means the Spirit of God leads and guides us in our prayer life. A great many folk say, “I pray for a certain thing, and I don’t get an answer.” That ought to tell you something! You are not praying in the will of God. My grandson can ask for more things that he shouldn’t have than any little fellow I’ve ever met! I take him with me to the store sometimes, and he wants everything he shouldn’t have. I think to myself, My, that’s the way I pray! Just like a little child, I say, “Lord, give me this and give me that,” and He doesn’t do it. Why? Because I am not praying in the Holy Spirit. Oh, to cast ourselves upon Him in days like these! In times of apostasy, how we need to pray in the Holy Spirit.

Jude gives us the third thing believers are to do in days of apostasy:

3. Keep yourselves in the love of God…

Notice this exact language. He did not say that we are to do something to win the love of God. You are already in the love of God — just keep yourself there. And, friend, you cannot do anything to merit the love of God, neither can you keep Him from loving you.

Do you remember the rich young ruler who came to Jesus with a question? He wanted to know what he should do to inherit eternal life. The record tells us:

Then Jesus, beholding him, loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest; go thy way, sell whatever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow me. And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved; for he had great possessions. (Mark 10:2122)

He turned and walked away from Christ, but God still loved him!

We need to recognize that God loves the believer. All through the Epistle of Jude he calls believers “beloved.” That doesn’t mean that Jude loves them or that they love him. It simply means they are beloved of God.

You see, you can’t keep God from loving you. You can, however, get out of that love. Let me use the example of sunshine. Where I am today the sun is shining brightly; it’s a beautiful California day. I can’t keep the sun from shining, but I’m not in the sunshine — I’m inside a building. It is possible to put over yourself a roof of sin. You can put over yourself a roof of indifference. You can step out of the will of God so that you will not feel the warmth of God’s love in your life. But you cannot keep Him from loving you. So Jude says in effect, “Keep yourselves out there in the sunshine of His love.” Let His love flood your heart and flood your life. That is needed in days of apostasy.

There are many people today who are going through severe trials. Recently, I have been talking to a family that has been called upon to bear more than its share of trouble. It is a Christian family. The father — candidly, I wondered if he would make it or not — said to me the other day, “If it were not for the fact that I am persuaded that the Lord Jesus loves me, I’d give up the whole thing and walk out.” But he won’t be walking out, because he has kept himself in the love of God.

How you and I need to keep ourselves in the light and warmth of God’s love in these days!

Jude reminds us of the fourth thing we need to do:

4. Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

The mercy of God is His concern and care for you. Because of His mercy, He was able to save you — He was concerned about you. He is rich in mercy, He has plenty of it, and we need all we can get because it is by mercy that God would even put up with us.

“Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ” refers, I believe, to the coming of Christ for His church, the event we know as the Rapture of the church. You see, the reason I believe the church is not going through the Great Tribulation is that we are told to look for mercy, not judgment. I am not looking for judgment or the Great Tribulation. I am looking for the mercy of God.

A long time ago when He saved me, He did it by His mercy. And the very fact that He keeps holding on to me is an evidence of His mercy. One of these days He will take His church out of this world. Believe it or not, I’ll be going along, and I’ll be going because of His mercy. If you meet me a million years from today in eternity and you find I’m still in heaven (and I will be there), I will tell you now what I’ll tell you then: I’ve been here a million years, because He is merciful to me.

I am looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. In days of apostasy we need to look for that, my beloved. In this day of failure, in this day of compromise, in this day of discouragement, we are to look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

The fifth thing is a caution:

5. And of some have compassion, making a difference.

I’ll have to change that translation just a little: “And of some have compassion who are in doubt.” There are a great many good sincere people today who do have their doubts, and we need to be patient with them.

In our Thursday night Bible study several years ago a woman came to me after every service for, I suppose, six weeks with some question. I began to have a feeling she was trying to trap me or trick me, and I became, frankly, a little impatient with her. Always there was another lady with her, one of our church members. So one night I answered her question rather sharply, and she turned and walked out. The lady with her came to me and said, “Dr. McGee, just be patient with her. She is a very brilliant woman. She’s in ‘Who’s Who,’ and she has been in practically every cult there is. She is really mixed up! Now she is trying to make her way out. Please be patient with her.” So after that I would really answer her questions the best I could. About three months later she accepted Christ as her Savior. And I had a wonderful letter from her when she was back in Ohio, telling me of how the Lord was leading her.

We are living in days when there is so much doubt cast upon the Word of God. Remember that we are in the apostasy. Though the creeds of all the great denominations were sound creeds (they differ a little in some points, but on the great basics there was no difference at all), the church has been taken over by liberals who totally reject the great doctrines their denominations were founded upon. Folk in these churches have been so brainwashed over the years that though they want to believe, they are having their problems. We would do well to be patient with them.

Now the sixth thing:

6. And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire…

These are folk whom we would judge to be hopeless sinners. It seems to us that nobody could reach them. I have been amazed at some of the people who have come to the Lord through the medium of radio. People that I have known, and frankly have given up, have come to Christ by hearing the Word taught on radio. “And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire!” What a tremendous thing!

A letter has come to me from Fairbanks, Alaska, which illustrates this:

…Because KJNP is the loudest voice in the Arctic, hundreds of bush pilots lock onto the station to guide them into the city of Fairbanks and they must listen to what is on the air at the time. Just a few weeks ago, one of the pilots was locked onto KJNP and, behold, you were broadcasting! By the time he reached Fairbanks he had repented and was wonderfully born again by the Spirit of God. He is now attending a fundamental church and doing well. Praise God!


May I say to you, friend, there is somebody around you today whom you can pull out of the fire. If there were a house on fire with somebody inside of it, you would do your best to get him out. But just think of the people around you today who are on the way to a lost eternity, and some of them you can reach. I don’t think you can reach them all. I don’t recommend you go out on the street and hand a tract to everybody who comes along, but I do say there is somebody you can reach. And the interesting thing is, you are the only one who can reach them — they would never listen to this preacher, but they will listen to you. They have respect for you. They have confidence in you. Yet you have never told them about the Savior who has saved you. That is the type of witnessing we need in days of apostasy.

Now the seventh and final admonition of Jude is:

7. Hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

The word “flesh” does not necessarily mean only that which is licentious, although it includes that. The “flesh” refers to this old nature that we have, and this old nature does not always go in the direction of licentiousness. There are a great many people today who are art lovers and music lovers. There are cultured folk who would never rob anyone or engage in immorality. But without Christ they are lost people, and they are living in the flesh — as much in the flesh as any drunkard on Main Street. In God’s sight they are just as lost. God says that “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). All come under that category.

You and I today are to hate the garment that is spotted by the flesh. May I make it personal? Pride is of the flesh. Gossip is of the flesh. Harsh criticism is of the flesh. And there is a lot of the flesh manifested in our churches. This pious pose that many have toward “spirituality” is of the flesh and not of God at all. Even Paul the apostle, a religious man who was converted to Christ, said, “Oh, wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” (Romans 7:24). This is not a lost man asking for salvation. This is the cry of a saved man who was living in the flesh. Anything that Vernon McGee produces of the flesh, God hates. Regardless of how religious it is or how pious it might be or how much Bible it has in it. If it is of the flesh, He hates it. Only that which the Spirit of God produces through us can He use. We should learn to hate “even the garment spotted by the flesh.”

These are the seven things we are to do in days of apostasy.

Dwight L. Moody said, “I look upon this world as a wrecked vessel. Its ruin is getting nearer and nearer. God said to me, ‘Moody, here’s a lifeboat. Go out and rescue as many as you can before the crash comes.’” And up until the ministry of Billy Graham, Moody looked into the faces of more people than any man who ever lived, and he reduced the population of hell by 200,000. My friend, if God could use Moody, He can use you and He can use me in these days of apostasy.

The little Book of Jude concludes with a glorious benediction. Let me give you a literal translation:

Now unto Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you (make you stand) before the presence of His glory blameless with great rejoicing, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, might, and authority, before all time both now and forever. Amen. (Jude 24 and 25, as translated by Dr. McGee)



15-Year-old Secular Jewish Boy Nathan’s Vision of WWIII

March 20, 2016


(Editor Note: References to ex-president Obama may describe his activities while in office or from behind the scenes. In the case of national emergency, it is possible for an ex-president to be in a care-taker position.)

Now I am going to tell you a dream, not a dream, a vision from a 15-year-old Jewish boy who died for 15 minutes. How many of you have heard this before? This is very exciting and it’s the buzz among the end-time community, if you’re into “end times” you will definitely be into this dream.

This Jewish boy, his name is Natan – we’ll say Nathan in English or Anglicize it. Nathan died for 15 minutes on the first day of Sukkot 2015, which was the day we preached about the 4th blood moon. And that blood moon is a sign to the Jews. The blood moons are a sign to the Jews. The solar eclipses on God’s Holy Days are a sign to the Gentiles, most of us. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that on that 4th blood moon, and we’re in that season, we’re in this time right now where the 4 blood moons announce something major for Israel. He died and saw something.

Nathan had no religious upbringing. In fact, his parents are against his vision and threaten the synagogue to sue it for posting his vision on Youtube. Nathan was interviewed by an Orthodox Rabbi named Eliezer Hagadol who ignored his parents threats and put it up on Youtube.

So, it’s very hard to follow this interview, because it is long and it’s all in Hebrew. So, I’m going to read it to you in English, summarize it for you. But before I do that, I just want to show you like a one-minute clip so that you can at least see it’s a real, orthodox Jewish Rabbi. He’s very strict with this boy. This is a real secular boy – he knows nothing about the Bible. Take a look at a minute of the interview.

“When the soul leaves the body, it can receive a huge amount of information that would take years for a person here in this world to learn. One can understand within a matter of minutes everything.”

So, he has a lot to tell. It’s hard for him to tell it. He doesn’t know the exact words to describe what he experienced. (can you just fast forward so we can hear his voice a little bit?)

“Things that do not relate to this world.”

He saw planet Earth from above. He kept going up, leaving his body.

“I don’t know how to explain it, suddenly out of nowhere I entered a sort of tunnel, really huge. At the end of the tunnel, a very small light. I was in a tunnel, I don’t know how to explain it. There were circles, more circles inside, lots and lots of souls. I started walking, the lights got bigger and bigger. Finally, I reached that light.”

Obviously, whenever somebody says that they have had a vision or gone to Heaven, you’ve got to test it with the word of God. That’s always the standard. But I do believe that this is a genuine vision, because the things that Nathan said are…basically, he’s preached my sermon that I’ve been preaching about end times for 15 years, through a lot of study. He’s just got it done in a few minutes. And there’s no way that he could have gotten it, without the study. And not only that, he’s not from a religious family, so he wouldn’t have even overheard it in a sermon. He doesn’t attend the synagogue – now he does.

So, something supernatural happened to him. Some of the ways that he describes things sounds to me like a Jewish way of describing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong, but it wouldn’t agree with the way that we would say it. I think if God was reaching out to somebody, like a Buddhist – He’d speak to a Buddhist in a Buddhist language. If He speaks to a Jew, He reaches out to a Jew in Jewish language. So, you’ve got to give it a little bit of leeway, that God is quite bigger than the Christian box that we put Him in. Do you understand that? God is bigger than the Christian box you and I put Him in.

So, he describes certain things in a very Jewish way. Let’s start from where it’s relevant.

Rabbi Eliezer Hagadol said, “Let’s get back to the tour – let’s call it a tour. After they showed you that there is Gan Eden.”

Gan Eden literally means in Hebrew The Garden of Eden, but it’s now a term that they use for the afterlife.

“After they showed you that there was Gan Eden and after they showed you that there is Gehennom.” (which is Hell) a huge reward for Mitzvot (which is obeying the commands) and severed punishment for transgressions, even for the smallest transgressions. Then they sent you back to where?”

So, this was…you’re missing many minutes of this, so let me just explain. One of the things he realized was, when you go up to Heaven, the things that you did wrong are so embarrassing. He says they tell everything! The go from start to finish, from the start of your life at the moment of birth to the very end. And he says they can do it in seconds. And it’s extremely humiliating! And he says, just a little thing that you think wasn’t a big deal is SUCH a big deal! In Heaven.

But then he said this – when you do something that obeys the Word of God. He says, even though it seems so little to you, when you go to Heaven they make such a HUGE deal about it. It’s such a big deal: you obeyed God! And he said even a small thing like keeping the – you know, they have the, what do they call it, the tassels that the Jews are supposed to keep, right? Even just that tiny, little thing – they make such a HUGE deal about it! Everything you give. Your attitude – HUGE rewards in Heaven, alright? So the Rabbi’s very happy about that, ’cause this is the Orthodox Rabbi, the strictest of all the Rabbi’s. God in Heaven is very strict. Some people call that legalism today, but it’s actually quite Godly.

So now the Rabbi said, “Where did they send you TO?”

Nathan said, “So, in the beginning, the moment I saw Gan Eden I said, ‘I want to stay here. I want to stay here.’ But after that they showed me the other side and all that. (He speaks like a teenager) They asked me if I wanted to stay. And I said, ‘I would prefer to go back down.’ Why? Because I felt that if I went back down I could do more Mitzvot. (that means obeying the commandments of God.) Earn more reward, more of everything. I could, like, earn a greater reward and do more Mitzvot. And reach an even higher level. So, why would I want to stay there and not do that? So I said I would rather go back down and they sent me back down.”

I feel this is a very Jewish understanding of the afterlife. You know? Christians have a very nebulous, unclear picture of Heaven. But a Jew went up to Heaven and says, “It’s an economy. There are rewards. There are incentives and I see the incentives: living for God and doing anything good for God on Earth. Living for eternity is going to put me in a very good economic position forever. So, I’d rather come back down and invest and keep investing in my life, so that I’ll have eternal rewards up there.

You know, for a Jewish boy who doesn’t even know the Messiah to speak that is to our shame. Because many of us Christians live day-to-day as if God wasn’t real. And you know we – the best measure of our Christian life is our Christian prayer. And many Christians don’t really have an intimate relationship with God today. God really seeks that of us, a day-to-day experience with Him. Lots of time with Him. Long hours of studying the Bible and praying. That’s good! That’s not passé, that’s not out of fad – that is IN fad in Heaven. They make a HUGE deal of that in Heaven. Amen?

That’s why I keep encouraging. I want to see the WHOLE church come to Power Prayer. Come to extended hours of prayer. I still have never seen the whole church come, but I’m still dreaming of that.

The Rabbi then asked, (this is the one they want to know!) “Could you know who the Maschiach was?”

The Maschiach is the originally word for Christ. They want to know: who is the Christ? Who is the Messiah?

Nathan: I couldn’t know. I could only know what His traits were.

I think God is smart to do that. If God had revealed that it’s Yeshua, Jesus – immediately the Rabbis would have said forget it, we’re not Youtubing this – end of interview. So, God is very wise. Don’t think He’s in your box. He knows what He’s doing.

He said, “I could only know what His traits were.”

Now, listen to His traits.

“What He needs to be, in order to be Mashiach:

#1 He is HERE. He MUST be here. It CAN’T be that Maschiach is someone who is dead. That can’t be.

#2 It has to be someone who is here who people know. But when He becomes Mashiach, everybody will be surprised. A HUGE surprise. And people will say, ‘AHH! THAT’S the Messiah!’ It will be like, WOW! THAT’S the Mashiach?? Like that.

“When will it happen?”

#3 According to what I understood, the gehoola, which is the redemption, and the revelation of Mashiach is going to happen very soon.

The Rabbi’s not very impressed with this, as you are not. Very soon means a lot of things.

Rabbi says, “Now, tell me. When you were there, there was no concept of time. How can you estimate the concept of time? What is ‘imminent’? Is it 20 years? Two years? a month?

Nathan: Imminent is right away. Like, in the coming months. Like, I can tell you that the redemption is very close to here. I understood, according to what I understood there. I am certain that I know it. When I was up there, I understood what was going to happen in the world. And according to what I understood, very bad things are going to happen. But it depends on who.

Rabbi: Is there a way to avert it?

Nathan: There is that possibility if we ALL repent, that it won’t happen.

Rabbi: What’s coming?

Nathan: It’s going to be something that is called a very big war. And everybody, the whole world, will be involved in that war, according to what I understood. The whole world will be involved in that war – everybody. All the Goyim (that means us, the gentiles). All the Arabs, the Muslims. Everybody will come against the nation of Israel and will fight in that war.

Hey – I’ve been taking the last year, teaching this on end times saying, Here are the nations, here’s the positioning, here’s what’s coming next. I have to convince people through arduous study of the Scriptures, through arduous exegesis of the Scriptures to say It’s lining up NOW. And one boy goes up to Heaven 15 minutes and comes back and says the same thing. (lol) It’s unfair! But, I get higher reward, because I studied. I did my Mitzvot of studying the Word of God. So, I’m quite happy. We are in agreement.

The Rabbi asked, “Who will start it? This war?”

Nathan: It will begin, the person who will start the war, will be someone named Gog. As far as I understood up there, only up there, I understood.

Now, you know how many Christians have to study the Word to even FIND the word Gog? And he, without studying the Word, knows – this is the bad dude. We call him, possibly, the antiChrist.

Rabbi: And do you know who this Gog is?

Nathan: I am certain who he is.

Rabbi: Who is it?

Nathan: Obama. He will be the one who starts that war.

Rabbi: And he’ll fight against US?

Nathan: He will fight against us. At first, everybody will simply want the nation of Israel. Jerusalem, Israel – everybody will want it. They won’t pay attention to us, they simply want it. Everyone will fight each other because they want it. Everyone will fight.

Now, you know that Jerusalem and especially the Temple Mount is the most sought after, the most prized, the most expensive piece of real estate on the planet – bar none. Everybody – God, the devil, prophets, infidels – everybody wants this piece of land. But we don’t know what’s gonna trigger the war.

Now, we know that there’s a lot of fighting going on at the Temple Mount, over the issue that only Muslims – who have NO historical tie to the Temple Mount. The Al Aqsa mosque was imposed there, way after Jesus’ ministry. They have no connection, but they’re fighting, not allowing…you know, Jews and Christians are not allowed to pray there. I’ve been up there. And technically, you’re not allowed to pray up there. I mean, what…what an affront! To the Jewish people. Imagine: you live here in Melbourne and you’re not allowed to pray in the CBD. I mean, no country in the world would put up with this! And yet people are against Israel. Can you imagine? In your own country, in your own city there’s a place you’re not allowed to visit and you’re not allowed to pray.

So, Temple Mount definitely would coincide with the four blood moons, because the blood moons in 1949 coincided with the State of Israel. Blood moons in 1967 coincided with the City of Jerusalem. So this blood moon, in this century, would coincide with something to do with the restoration of the Temple. That may trigger the war.

However, there’s a development going on where they found some oil and some natural gas in Israel.

So, everybody’s positioned, right next door to Israel. The Iranians are there, the Russians are there, the Americans are there. How many other people in proxy: UK, France – they’re all there. And they’re all gathering there as if, unnoticed, as if it’s got NOTHING to do with Israel. And yet, we’ve read in the Bible, all this is a stage.

This is a show for the world to gather together and next would be the spillover into Israel. Only one thing has to happen, one bomb has to go off. One nuclear warhead gets dropped, one nuclear “accident ” they might call it. And suddenly the whole world is upon Israel. But they’ve been gathering the troops and the tanks and the ships and the boats there all this time. And no-one, except us whose reading the Bible will say, “Hey! Red Alert! Israel!! Israel!! This is WWIII that’s coming, Ezekiel 38-39!! Prophesied for nearly 3,000 years.”

What’s the proof that the Bible is the Word of God? Fulfilled prophecy. It may take 3,000 years, but you better believe – it will come to pass.

So, Nathan saw this. And he was very bold to say Obama. I’ve never been that bold, because I believe Obama is the White Horse, living in the White House and he’s triggering bad things. He’s the false peace, because he got the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s the White Horse. Irony: a black man in a White House being the White Horse with the Nobel Peace Prize. But I never actually quite had the confidence to say that the White Horse is the same as Gog. Or the same as antiChrist. There may be many personalities involved in this.

But this boy says he’s Gog. Does that mean he’s the antiChrist? Maybe, maybe not. But he’s Gog. He’s the one that fights Israel. Is that hard to believe? No. Because anytime Christians die, rather than saying Christians are being persecuted, that’s bad – all he says is, “Oh, the worst thing that could happen is if we get Islamophobic.” If we say mean things about Muslim, that would be the worst thing. But Christians, with their heads toppling off their neck – that’s not bad.

And he doesn’t fight. You know, he’s left Christians to get persecuted all this time, and has not engaged ISIS, all this time – until RUSSIA finally got their plane shot down on the Sinai Peninsula and they came in. And now, because it’s a balance of power thing, and ego thing – he’s had to step in. But he’s totally allowed the slaughter of Christians. And allowed the growth of radical Islam.

Because they want a Caliphate. And if it’s not a Caliphate of ISIS, it’ll be a Caliphate that replaces the Caliphate of ISIS. The solution to evil is evil. That’s what they’ll say. So, everyone will be fed up with ISIS that wants a Caliphate – how to get rid of them, maybe…Turkey says, Saudi says. “We need the True Caliphate. With a very STRONG Muslim Caliphate. With REAL Islam that is established on peace. Then, we will get rid of ISIS.” And the whole world will say, “Oh, that’s great! United Muslim nations. See, it’s all being set up right now. And who’s the antiChrist? I still am not going to say I know for sure, but Obama, apparently, is the Gog that leads this war against Israel.

Now he says, (the timing of this is quite interesting) “All of that, all of the bad things will take 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks, what is the bad thing? More than a few million people will die. They will die. The only thing that saves them, according to what I understood, is only if they do Tu Shuvot.”

Tu Shuvot is to repent. You have to repent. And then he defines it later on, very interesting. He doesn’t believe saying “sorry” means that you’ve repented. His definition of repentance is so close to the Christian one – I’ll come back to it, okay?

Nathan continues: “Many people from among Am Israel will die – several million will die. A ton of people will die.”

Rabbi: Those who didn’t keep Torah and Mitzvot?

Nathan: They will die.

Rabbi: Those who kept Torah and Mitzvot?

Nathan: Those who kept Torah and Mitzvot – it depends.

Very Christian answer! So, if you’re an Orthodox Jew, you’d be very self-satisfied and assured: oh, yeah, I keep the Torah, I’m Orthodox Jew. Everything’s fine. He said, no – it depends.

Nathan: It depends if they did Torah with gimlet kasidim.

(Now, gotta explain this.) There are those who are observant, but they don’t really care about it. They are casual about it. But if someone is really strict and studies Torah and does acts of kindness – he will be saved.

Did you get that? True repentance for us is not saying, “Jesus, forgive me my sins…la de da…” No worries. He said a true act of repentance will be accompanied by studying the Torah – which is for us, studying the Bible, doing the Bible. And showing acts of kindness. How many so-called Christians do you know out there who say they’re close to God, they’ve forgiven others, they have repented of their sins – and yet they can’t be kind to people. They can’t even smile at people. They can’t show an act of kindness to people. And this guy, Nathan, says when he saw Heaven, is that those people do not qualify. They will be part of the destruction, the war.

He now begins to unravel the Jewish self-confidence. Very strange. No Jewish person would really believe this unless it’s revealed to him.

Nathan: We, the IDF that is, will manage to keep them at bay for two days.

I have been saying this. I have been preaching this from end-times Scriptures, that the Jewish pride in their own military strength is gonna be their undoing. They have won every war – and rather than seeking Maschiach and saying, “To God be the Glory. To the Messiah be the Glory.” they take all the glory to themselves. And I said, “I guarantee, pride comes before a fall.” They’re gonna fall in the war. They’re gonna completely fail.

But I’ve never heard a Jewish person say this. I don’t say this because I don’t love the Jews, I say this because I love you! All the Jewish people gave us the Torah and gave us the Messiah! But you can’t be confident in your own military strength. You’ve gotta repent and do Tu Shuvot and seek the Messiah. And His identity is very clear – He is known by everyone.

So he said, “They will keep them at bay for two days, according to what I saw. And then everyone will simply kill us and we won’t have anyone to rely on but the Holy One, Blessed be He.

Rabbi: Who will join him?

Nathan: Iran will join him.

Well, hang on! How many sermons have we been preaching about the next attack is from Iran?? I mean, this is dissecting Daniel, chapter 11. This is dissecting many Scriptures about Persia – Ezekiel 38,39. This is amazing!

He said, “Iran would join him.” (would join Obama)

Isn’t Obama, strangely enough, a friend of Iran? Giving then a nuclear deal where they can get nuclear weapons, under the radar. And any inspection is announced, like, a month ahead of time? It’s ridiculous!

“So, Iran will join Obama. The UN – the whole UN. Yes, Russia, South Korea – the whole United Nations, really everyone. Everyone. All 70 nations will rise against us. 70.”

Rabbi: Where is ISIS in all this?

Nathan: ISIS? What they will do is – this is what I saw. They will kidnap people. They will simply kidnap people. Like they did to Gilat Shalit, they will also do that. They will kidnap people and they will torture them. Now, what I also saw was that Har Hazitim (which is Hebrew for the Mount of Olives) next to Jerusalem. That mountain will split in two! At the moment the mountain splits in two, in that second, the Maschiach will be revealed to everyone. Meaning, before everyone. Before everyone. Everyone will simply see that it’s Maschiach!! Everyone will understand – it’s the Maschiach – here He is, revealed to everyone!! And He will stand at the entrance there to Har Hazitim.

Do you realize he’s quoting Zechariah? Chapter 14? Again, you have to study end-times Scriptures. Even the common Christian doesn’t know this. Zechariah 14 – let me read it to you. Verse 4

“And in that Day, His feet (who? Yeshua’s feet – Jesus’ feet) will stand on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem on the east and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two. From east to west, making a very large valley. And half of the mountain shall move to the north and half of it toward the south.”

Nathan: And the Maschiah will say who can enter and who cannot.

Rabbi: Now, how does it open? Atomic bomb?

Nathan: No, no, no.

Rabbi: What?

Nathan: So, two of the dead people will arise. Two dead people will come back to life. One from here and one from there, and it will split in two.

Now, come on. This boy is now quoting Revelation. This is part of the Bible he doesn’t even know about! This is Revelation chapter 11. Again, so few Christians are educated in end-times, they don’t even know this. Let me read it to you – Revelation chapter 11. The two witnesses of Revelation. The two JEWISH witnesses – these are not Jehovah witnesses, okay? These are Jewish witnesses. Most of the Jehovah witnesses are gentiles. They’re so deluded to think that they’re 144,000 Jews. That’s in Revelation 7 and 14. It says JEWS. The two witnesses are Jews.

“When they finish their testimony” verse 7 of chapter 11 “the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them and kill them. Their dead bodies will lie in the street of the Great City, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. Then those from the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will see their dead bodies three and one half days, and not allow their dead bodies to be put into graves.”

That’s a prophecy of television, folks! Internet. How can the bodies of somebody, in a specific local – Jerusalem, be viewed by every nation on Earth for 3 days? You don’t believe we’re living in the end times? We’re almost there at this event. It could happen this year. This boy says it’s within months. You now, a great preacher said, within the first five minutes of entering into eternity, we will have wished that we prayed more, gave more, grieved more, loved more, preached more. Within 5 minutes of being in eternity, we’ll realize it’s over. Never again. What if we had those last, metaphorically speaking, those last 5 minutes are upon us. How do we live? How do we pray? How do we love? How do we talk about other people, how do we share about God? I think we would live differently if we really, really believed this.

“And those who dwell on the Earth will rejoice over them and make merry.”

This is called the satanic Christmas. They make merry over godly men being murdered. But it’s happening already, you know that. They don’t care about Christians being murdered. They care if a Muslim is murdered. But they don’t care if Christians are beheaded.

“And they send gifts to one another.”

Can you imagine the vile, despicable, abominable depravity of man – you send gifts because two preachers of God are murdered.

“Because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the Earth. Now, after 3 1/2 days, the breath of Life from God entered them and they stood on their feet. And great fear fell on those who saw them.”

I guess it would!

“And they heard a loud voice from Heaven saying to them, ‘Come up here!’ And they ascended to Heaven in a cloud. And their enemies saw them. In the same hour, there was a great earthquake and their enemies saw them. And a tenth of the city fell and in the earthquake 7,000 people were killed and the rest were afraid and gave glory to the God of Heaven.”

Thank God a few people get saved from that.

So, here’s recap, okay? What’s gonna happen, here’s what we know from Nathan about the Messiah.

The Messiah is first of all someone who can’t sin. Now, we listening to this, we already know His Name – Yeshua. Someone who can’t sin. Who didn’t commit any transgression, He didn’t commit even one transgression. It can’t be that the Maschiach is someone who committed transgressions. This is him, verbatim.

Nathan: Now, it can be someone who we actually know very well. Who we know very well.

Let me tell you something – when God wants to pick someone who we know very well, he means the one we know very well! The most famous human on Earth. The calendar is pegged to His birth. Jesus Christ. Think about it, Jews. It’s the most obvious thing. Your Messiah is Jesus, Yeshua.

Nathan: Lots and lots of people.

So he says WE know very well. When he says “we” he doesn’t mean us, he means the Jews.

He says, “First of all, the Jews know Him very well. (Then he says lots and lots of people know Him. He means us, the gentiles.) Actually, according to what I understood. But everyone will be very, very surprised that He is of all people the Maschiach. This Maschiach will fight against Obama. And not only that, He will kill him and bury him in the land of Israel.

Think about that. I’ll show you in a second, that’s Scripture. I bet you, you didn’t even know that, that Gog will be buried in Israel. I’ll show it to you.

Nathan: And I saw that the moment that Har Hazitim, the Mount of Olives splits into two, then the Maschiach will stand at the entrance and He won’t see who is religious or who has a beard. What He will see, He sees according to a person’s holiness. He will smell each person. He will smell if someone has holiness, if he is pure, if he did Mitzvot, if he performed acts of kindness. To see if he really had the true fear of Heaven and not just the fear of punishment.

Do you know that if you just are afraid of being punished, you’re probably not a Christian? You have to have the true fear of your father. The fear of displeasing our Father. We don’t walk in fear of going to Hell – we walk in fear of displeasing our loving, wonderful Father. We won’t say certain things, we won’t do certain things because we walk in the fear of our Father God.

He will “smell” it.

Nathan: He won’t say, “Here you are. You have a hat, you have a kipa. So, like that, you can go in.” It’s not like that. I mean, really. He will have a certain power, that He will be able to feel what is truly inside every person.

Who is he describing? If not Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Rabbi: That means a week ago, you didn’t know this?

Nathan: I did not know these things. I didn’t know, I had no idea.

Then the Rabbi turns to Ezekiel 39 and quotes verse 11:

“It will come to pass in that Day that I will give Gog a burial place there in Israel. The Valley of those to pass by the east of the sea, and it will obstruct travelers, because it is there they will bury Obama.” (let’s put it that way.)

If he’s right, now we know. We can update. A very… It’s a very strange man, Obama – don’t you think? Nobody can agree: where did he come from? How can a senator from Chicago suddenly become president? Is he born in Hawaii? Is he born in Kenya? I mean, we don’t even know. Trump says his birth certificate is fake. I mean, this is a very mysterious man. The first man ever to be president and both his father and step-father are Muslims. And he has no kind thing to say about Christianity and he bows to the Saudi king. Kowtows to him, full on. I mean, we got a person who’s very mysterious, very hard to describe. Maybe God says, “Ah, forget it. Call him Gog.”

And we’re all tearing our hair, figuring out who’s Gog, who’s Gog, and we’re looking up this and that. Well, maybe it’s meant to be a bit of a mystery. Maybe the man of mystery IS the man of mystery! And the man of mystery is Obama.

Why a guy who’s never done anything for peace, who’s started more wars, and killed more people and didn’t close Guantanamo Bay, and got Gadhafi murdered and got Saddam Hussein killed…how come THIS guy gets the high (supposedly on this world) the highest peace, the Nobel Peace prize?

So, Ezekiel 39 verse 11 says, the people who are traveling through Israel are going to get obstructed by the body of Obama, because “they will bury Obama and all his multitudes. Therefore, they will call it the Valley of Hammon Gog.”

Nathan says, “That is exactly what will happen if things continue as they are. Like, if the world keep going on like this. That is exactly what will happen, for certain, according to what I saw – it has already started.”

The Rabbi said, “It’s already started? When did it already start?”

Nathan: On the day 27 of Elul.

Remember when we were preaching about end-times, we’re preaching around that date. Saying the pieces are falling into place. You go and look at all my sermons about the blood moon and all the 21 future events of Revelation, WWIII. We’ve been talking about this and he said it started on September 11, 2015. This war already started.

Nathan: Because the Holy One, Blessed is He, will not bring it in the beginning. What will happen is, on day, everything will explode. Something will happen to cause everything to escalate, and we will know instantly that we are in full-blown war and everyone will say WWIII has started, has begun. That’s it. There’s no time left.

Rabbi: So, you are saying there will be some sort of security breach that will blow out of proportion and they will be fighting one another? What about us?

Nathan: At first, we will be excluded from this, but after, they will unite against us.

So, we’ve got some history for the – not history, prophecy for the Jews: if you’re a Jew, don’t put your trust only in the IDF, in your military economic power. You need to turn to Maschiach and do Tu Shuvot.

If you’re a nominal Christian, if you’re not sure you’re a Christian, if you’re just a Sunday church-goer. If you’re a church hopper – you need to do Tu Shuvot. You really need to forgive people in your lives that you think hurt you, and you need to do acts of kindness. It’s not time to play around. This is time to really show acts of kindness. This is time to make absolutely sure that our faith and our repentance is genuine. That our relationship with God is solid by the Blood sacrifice, the atoning sacrifice of the Messiah. We have been made clean. Therefore, we fear displeasing God, not fear of going to Hell. Amen? If there’s any sense of fear of going to Hell, we need to repent tonight, we need to repent right now and ask Jesus, the Messiah, to come into our hearts. You can do that right now.

I’m going to ask everyone to close your eyes and pray. There are people who are listening, and I believe there’re many Jewish people whose eyes, God is opening right now to show your own Scriptures, your own Maschiach. We’ve quoted from your Scriptures, that you’ve given to us. We are indebted to you. Now, we give you back the gift that you need to receive, accept the Maschiach. The Messiah before it’s too late. Before the atom bomb goes off, before war starts – there’ll be no time. You can’t even respond to the sirens in time. Accept your Messiah now, I pray.

If you want to do that, pray these words out of your own heart, out of your own lips.

Dear Heavenly Father. Dear God. I do Tu Shuvot. I repent for my sins. I’m sorry for rejecting You, for not studying Torah, for not doing Mitzvot, for not obeying the commands of the Bible. Now I give my life to the Messiah, the one who can save me. I trust in Him, not my good deeds. Not my righteousness, for I have none. My good deeds are as dirty rags before You, God. Thank You for accepting me and making me Your child. I pray that right now my name would be written in the Book of Life, in Heaven’s book. Now and forever, I belong to Hashem. I belong to God. Thank You, Lord, for I am now sinless. Help me to live for eternity. In Yeshua’s Name I pray. Amen. amen. Praise God, praise God.

Well, it’s my privilege to pray with you and to bring this message to you. I thank God that He’s speaking to Jewish boys, Christian boys. We’re really on the same side, we’re in the same family. Christians are friends of Israel and Jews, and I hope that the Jews will realize Christ has taken the wall of partition away, He’s taken the wall of enmity the New Testament calls it. He’s taken all of that away and we are one family, we’re the seed of Abraham. He’s coming soon. And if you’re a Muslim, you also have a Messiah. It’s Jesus, alright? So please turn to Yeshua and all this fighting and all this violence can end, in Jesus’ Name. amen.


Heart Dwellers


A Warning to the West

Cardinal Sarah discusses his latest book, ‘The Day is Far Spent’

Cardinal Robert Sarah is publishing the third of his book-length interviews with Nicolas Diat: The Day is Far Spent. An unflinching diagnosis, but one full of hope in the midst of the spiritual and moral crisis of the West.

1) In the first part of your book, you describe “a spiritual and religious collapse.” How does this collapse manifest itself? Does it only affect the West or are other regions of the world, such as Africa, also affected by it?

The spiritual crisis involves the entire world. But its source is in Europe. People in the West are guilty of rejecting God. They have not only rejected God. Friedrich Nietzsche, who may be considered the spokesman of the West, has claimed: “God is dead! God remains dead! And we have killed him…” We have murdered God. In view of God’s death among men, Nietzsche would replace him with a prophetic “Superman.”

The spiritual collapse thus has a very Western character. In particular, I would like to emphasize the rejection of fatherhood. Our contemporaries are convinced that, in order to be free, one must not depend on anybody. There is a tragic error in this. Western people are convinced that receiving is contrary to the dignity of human persons. But civilized man is fundamentally an heir, he receives a history, a culture, a language, a name, a family. This is what distinguishes him from the barbarian. To refuse to be inscribed within a network of dependence, heritage, and filiation condemns us to go back naked into the jungle of a competitive economy left to its own devices. Because he refuses to acknowledge himself as an heir, man is condemned to the hell of liberal globalization in which individual interests confront one another without any law to govern them besides profit at any price.

In this book, however, I want to suggest to Western people that the real cause of this refusal to claim their inheritance and this refusal of fatherhood is the rejection of God. From Him we receive our nature as man and woman. This is intolerable to modern minds. Gender ideology is a Luciferian refusal to receive a sexual nature from God. Thus some rebel against God and pointlessly mutilate themselves in order to change their sex. But in reality they do not fundamentally change anything of their structure as man or woman. The West refuses to receive, and will accept only what it constructs for itself. Transhumanism is the ultimate avatar of this movement. Because it is a gift from God, human nature itself becomes unbearable for western man.

This revolt is spiritual at root. It is the revolt of Satan against the gift of grace. Fundamentally, I believe that Western man refuses to be saved by God’s mercy. He refuses to receive salvation, wanting to build it for himself. The “fundamental values” promoted by the UN are based on a rejection of God that I compare with the rich young man in the Gospel. God has looked upon the West and has loved it because it has done wonderful things. He invited it to go further, but the West turned back. It preferred the kind of riches that it owed only to itself.

Africa and Asia are not yet entirely contaminated by gender ideology, transhumanism, or the hatred of fatherhood. But the Western powers’ neo-colonialist spirit and will to dominate pressures countries to adopt these deadly ideologies.

2) You write that “Christ never promised his faithful that they would be in the majority” (pg. 34), and you go on: “Despite the missionaries’ greatest efforts, the Church has never dominated the world. The Church’s mission is a mission of love, and love does not dominate” (pg. 35). Earlier, you wrote that “it is the ‘small remnant’ that has saved the faith.” If you will pardon a bold question: What is the problem exactly, seeing that this “small remnant” does in fact exist currently and manages to survive even in a world hostile to the faith?

Christians must be missionaries. They cannot keep the treasure of the Faith for themselves. Mission and evangelization remain an urgent spiritual task. And as St. Paul says, every Christian should be able to say “If I proclaim the gospel, this gives me no ground for boasting, for an obligation is laid on me, and woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel!” (1 Cor 9:16). Further, “God desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim 2:4). How can we do nothing when so many souls do not know the only truth that sets us free: Jesus Christ? The prevailing relativism considers religious pluralism to be a good in itself. No! The plenitude of revealed truth that the Catholic Church has received must be transmitted, proclaimed, and preached.

The goal of evangelization is not world domination, but the service of God. Don’t forget that Christ’s victory over the world is…the Cross! It is not our intention to take over the power of the world. Evangelization is done through the Cross.

The martyrs are the first missionaries. Before the eyes of men, their life is a failure. The goal of evangelization is not to “keep count” like social media networks that want to “make a buzz.” Our goal is not to be popular in the media. We want that each and every soul be saved by Christ. Evangelization is not a question of success. It is a profoundly interior and supernatural reality.


3) I’d like to go back to one of your points in the previous question. Do you mean to say that European Christendom, where Christianity was able to establish itself throughout the whole of society, was only a sort of interlude in history; that it should not be taken as a model in the sense that in Europe Christianity “dominated” and imposed itself through a kind of social coercion?

A society permeated by the Faith, the Gospel, and natural law is something desirable. It is the job of the lay faithful to construct it. That is in fact their proper vocation. They work for the good of all when they build a city in conformity with human nature and open to Revelation. But the more profound goal of the Church is not to construct a particular model society. The Church has received the mandate to proclaim salvation, which is a supernatural reality. A just society disposes souls to receive the gift of God, but it cannot give salvation. On the other hand, can there be a society that is just and in conformity with the natural law without the gift of grace working in souls? There is great need to proclaim the heart of our Faith: only Jesus saves us from sin. It must be emphasized, however, that evangelization is not complete when it takes hold of social structures. A society inspired by the Gospel protects the weak against the consequences of sin. Conversely, a society cut off from God quickly turns into a dictatorship and becomes a structure of sin, encouraging people toward evil. That is why we can say that there can be no just society without a place for God in the public sphere. A state that officially espouses atheism is an unjust state.  A state that relegates God to the private sphere cuts itself off from the true source of rights and justice. A state that pretends to found rights on good will alone, and does not seek to found the law on an objective order received from the Creator, risks falling into totalitarianism.

4) Over the course of European history, we have moved from a society in which the group outweighed the person (the holism of the Middle Ages) – a type of society that still exists in Africa and continues to characterize Islam – to a society in which the person is emancipated from the group (individualism). We might also say, broadly speaking, that we have passed from a society dominated by the quest for truth to a society dominated by the quest for freedom. The Church herself has developed her doctrine in the face of this evolution, proclaiming the right to religious liberty at Vatican II. How do you see the position of the Church toward this evolution? Is there a balance to be struck between the two poles of “truth” and “freedom,” whereas so far we have merely gone from one excess to the other?

It is not correct to speak of a “balance” between two poles: truth and freedom. In fact, this manner of speaking presupposes that these realities are external to and in opposition to one another. Freedom is essentially a tending toward what is good and true. The truth is meant to be known and freely embraced. A freedom that is not itself oriented and guided by truth is nonsensical. Error has no rights. Vatican II recalled the fact that truth can only be established by the force of truth itself, and not by coercion. It also recalled that respect for persons and their freedom should not in any way make us indifferent in relation to the true and the good.

Revelation is the breaking in of divine truth into our lives. It does not constrain us. In giving and revealing Himself, God respects the freedom that He Himself created. I believe that the opposition between truth and freedom is the fruit of a false conception of human dignity.

Modern man hypostatizes his freedom, making it an absolute to the point of believing that it is threatened when he accepts the truth. However, to accept the truth is the most beautiful act of freedom that man can perform. I believe that your question reveals how deeply the crisis of the Western conscience is really in the end a crisis of faith. Western man is afraid of losing his freedom by accepting the gift of true faith. He prefers to close himself up inside a freedom that is devoid of content. The act of faith is an encounter between freedom and truth. That is why in the first chapter of my book I have insisted on the crisis of faith. Our freedom comes to fulfillment when it says “yes” to revealed truth. If freedom says “no” to God, it denies itself. It asphyxiates.

5) You dwell at length on the crisis of the priesthood and argue for priestly celibacy. What do you see as the primary cause in the cases of sexual abuse of minors by priests, and what do you think of the summit that just took place in Rome on this question?

I think that the crisis of the priesthood is one of the main factors in the crisis of the Church. We have taken away priests’ identity. We have made priests believe that they need to be efficient men. But a priest is fundamentally the continuation of Christ’s presence among us. He should not be defined by what he does, but by what he is: ipse Christus, Christ Himself. The discovery of many cases of sexual abuse against minors reveals a profound spiritual crisis, a grave, deep, and tragic rupture between the priest and Christ.

Of course, there are social factors: the crisis of the ‘60s and the sexualization of society, which rebound on the Church. But we must have the courage to go further. The roots of this crisis are spiritual. A priest who does not pray or makes a theatre out of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, a priest who only confesses rarely and who does not live concretely like another Christ, is cut off from the source of his own being. The result is death. I have dedicated this book to the priests of the whole world because I know that they are suffering. Many of them feel abandoned.

We, the bishops, bear a large share of responsibility for the crisis of the priesthood. Have we been fathers to them? Have we listened to them, understood and guided them? Have we given them an example? Too often dioceses are transformed into administrative structures. There are so many meetings. The bishop should be the model for the priesthood. But we ourselves are far from being the ones most ready to pray in silence, or to chant the Office in our cathedrals. I fear that we lose ourselves in secondary, profane responsibilities.

The place of a priest is on the Cross. When he celebrates Mass, he is at the source of his whole life, namely the Cross. Celibacy is a concrete means that permits us to live this mystery of the Cross in our lives. Celibacy inscribes the Cross in our very flesh. That is why celibacy is intolerable for the modern world. Celibacy is a scandal for modern people, because the Cross is a scandal.

In this book, I want to encourage priests. I want to tell them: love your priesthood! Be proud to be crucified with Christ! Do not fear the world’s hate! I want to express my affection as a father and brother for the priests  of the whole world.

6) In a book that has caused quite a stir [In the Closet of the Vatican, by Frédéric Martel], the author explains that there are many homosexual prelates in the Vatican. He lends credibility to Mgr Viganò’s denunciation of the influence of a powerful gay network in the heart of the Curia. What do you think of this? Is there a homosexual problem in the heart of the Church and if so, why is it a taboo?

Today the Church is living with Christ through the outrages of the Passion. The sins of her members come back to her like strikes on the face. Some have tried to instrumentalize these sins in order to put pressure on the bishops. Some want them to adopt the judgments and language of the world. Some bishops have caved in to the pressure. We see them calling for the abandonment of priestly celibacy or making unsound statements about homosexual acts. Should we be surprised? The Apostles themselves turned tail in the Garden of Olives. They abandoned Christ in His most difficult hour.

We must be realistic and concrete. Yes, there are sinners. Yes, there are unfaithful priests, bishops, and even cardinals who fail to observe chastity. But also, and this is also very grave, they fail to hold fast to doctrinal truth! They disorient the Christian faithful by their confusing and ambiguous language. They adulterate and falsify the Word of God, willing to twist and bend it to gain the world’s approval. They are the Judas Iscariots of our time.

Sin should not surprise us. On the other hand, we must have the courage to call it by name. We must not be afraid to rediscover the methods of spiritual combat: prayer, penance, and fasting. We must have the clear-sightedness to punish unfaithfulness. We must find the concrete means to prevent it. I believe that without a common prayer life, without a minimum of common fraternal life between priests, fidelity is an illusion. We must look to the model of the Acts of the Apostles.

With regard to homosexual behaviors, let us not fall into the trap of the manipulators. There is no “homosexual problem” in the Church. There is a problem of sins and infidelity. Let us not perpetuate the vocabulary of LGBT ideology. Homosexuality does not define the identity of persons. It describes certain deviant, sinful, and perverse acts. For these acts, as for other sins, the remedies are known. We must return to Christ, and allow him to convert us. When the fault is public, the penalties provided for by Church law must be applied. Punishment is merciful, an act of charity and fraternal love. Punishment restores the damage done to the common good and permits the guilty party to redeem himself. Punishment is part of the paternal role of bishops. Finally, we must have the courage to clearly apply the norms regarding the acceptance of seminarians. Men whose psychology is deeply and permanently anchored in homosexuality, or who practice duplicity and lying, cannot be accepted as candidates for the priesthood.

7) One chapter is dedicated to the “crisis of the Church.” When precisely do you place the beginning of this crisis and what does it consist in? In particular, how do you relate the “crisis of faith” to the crisis of “moral theology.” Does one precede the other?

The crisis of the Church is above all a crisis of the faith. Some want the Church to be a human and horizontal society; they want it to speak the language of the media. They want to make it popular. They urge it not to speak about God, but to throw itself body and soul into social problems: migration, ecology, dialogue, the culture of encounter, the struggle against poverty, for justice and peace. These are of course important and vital questions before which the Church cannot shut her eyes. But a Church such as this is of interest to no one. The Church is only of interest because she allows us to encounter Jesus. She is only legitimate because she passes on Revelation to us. When the Church becomes overburdened with human structures, it obstructs the light of God shining out in her and through her. We are tempted to think that our action and our ideas will save the Church. It would be better to begin by letting her save herself.

I think we are at a turning point in the history of the Church. The Church needs a profound, radical reform that must begin by a reform of the life of her priests. Priests must be possessed by the desire for holiness, for perfection in God and fidelity to the doctrine of Him who has chosen and sent them. Their whole being and all their activities must be put to the service of sanctity. The Church is holy in herself. Our sins and our worldly concerns prevent her holiness from diffusing itself. It is time to put aside all these burdens and allow the Church finally appear as God made Her. Some believe that the history of the Church is marked by structural reforms. I am sure that it is the saints who change history. The structures follow afterwards, and do nothing other than perpetuate the what the saints brought about.

We need saints who dare to see all things through the eyes of faith, who dare to be enlightened by the light of God. The crisis of moral theology is the consequence of a voluntary blindness. We have refused to look at life through the light of the Faith.

In the conclusion of my book, I speak about a poison from which are all suffering: a virulent atheism. It permeates everything, even our ecclesiastical discourse. It consists in allowing radically pagan and worldly modes of thinking or living to coexist side by side with faith. And we are quite content with this unnatural cohabitation! This shows that our faith has become diluted and inconsistent! The first reform we need is in our hearts. We must no longer compromise with lies. The Faith is both the treasure we have to defend and the power that will permit us to defend it.

8) The second and third parts of your book are about crisis in western societies. The subject is so vast, and you touch on so many important points–from the expansion of the  “culture of death” to the problems of consumerism tied to global liberalism, passing through questions of identity, transmission, Islamism, etc.–that it is impossible to address them all. Among these problems, which seem to you to be the most important and what are the principal causes for the decline of the West?

First I would like to explain why I, a son of Africa, allow myself to address the West. The Church is the guardian of civilization. I am convinced that western civilization is passing at present through a mortal crisis. It has reached the extreme of self-destructive hate. As during the fall of Rome, elites are only concerned to increase the luxury of their daily life and the peoples are being anesthetized by ever more vulgar entertainment. As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West! The barbarians are already inside the city. The barbarians are all those who hate human nature, all those who trample upon the sense of the sacred, all those who do not value life, all those who rebel against God the Creator of man and nature. The West is blinded by science, technology, and the thirst for riches. The lure of riches, which liberalism spreads in hearts, has sedated the peoples. At the same time, the silent tragedy of abortion and euthanasia continue and pornography and gender ideology destroy children and adolescents. We are accustomed to barbarism. It doesn’t even surprise us anymore! I want to raise a cry of alarm, which is also a cry of love. I do so with a heart full of filial gratitude for the Western missionaries who died in my land of Africa and who communicated to me the precious gift of faith in Jesus Christ. I want to follow their lead and receive their inheritance!

How could I not emphasize the threat posed by Islamism?  Muslims despise the atheistic West. They take refuge in Islamism as a rejection of the consumer society that is offered to them as a religion. Can the West present them the Faith in a clear way? For that it will have to rediscover its Christian roots and identity. To the countries of the third world, the West is held out as a paradise because it is ruled by commercial liberalism. This encourages the flow of migrants, so tragic for the identity of peoples. A West that denies its faith, its history, its roots, and its identity is destined for contempt, for death, and disappearance.

But I would like to point out that everything is prepared for a renewal. I see families, monasteries, and parishes that are like oases in the middle of a desert. It is from these oases of faith, liturgy, beauty, and silence that the West will be reborn.

9) You end this beautiful book with a section entitled “Rediscovering Hope: The Practice of the Christian Virtues.” What do you mean by this? In what way can practicing these virtues be a remedy for the multifarious crisis we have spoken about in this interview?

We should not imagine a special program that could provide a remedy for the current multi-faceted crisis. We have simply to live our Faith, completely and radically. The Christian virtues are the Faith blossoming in all the human faculties. They mark the way for a happy life in harmony with God. We must create places where they can flourish. I call upon Christians to open oases of freedom in the midst the desert created by rampant profiteering. We must create places where the air is breathable, or simply where the Christian life is possible. Our communities must put God in the center. Amidst the avalanche of lies, we must be able to find places where truth is not only explained but experienced. In a word, we must live the Gospel: not merely thinking about it as a utopia, but living it in a concrete way. The Faith is like a fire, but it has to be burning in order to be transmitted to others. Watch over this sacred fire! Let it be your warmth in the heart of this winter of the West. “If God is for us, who is against us?” (Rom 8:31). In the disaster, confusion, and darkness of our world, we find “the light that shines in the darkness” (cf. Jn 1:5): He who said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jn 14:6).

Translated from the French by Zachary Thomas (Original)

Note: the French text published by La Nef edited the text of the interview given by the h. This is a translation of the integral text supplied by the Cardinal.

Ignatius Press has announced the 2019 publication of an English translation entitled The Day is Far Spent, available to order on their website.

Source: https://catholicherald.co.uk/commentandblogs/2019/12/31/herald-top-10-cardinal-sarah-as-a-bishop-it-is-my-duty-to-warn-the-west/

Scottish Hermits Excommunicated on Christmas Day

Deacon Nick Donnelly has reported that the Hermits of Westray received notification of their excommunication on Christmas Day.  The three Scottish hermits were reportedly excommunicated for a post on their website entitled “The Declaration.”  In the post, the hermits declare:

 Never in history has there been such a Pope, who by his actions, words and teaching, has thrown the whole Church into confusion. There have been bad and immoral Popes like John XII, and Alexander VI, there have been mad Popes, like Urban VI, there have been severe and unbalanced reforming Popes like Paul IV, and there have been pleasure loving Popes like Leo X, but none of them have spread such alarm throughout the Catholic Church. Such days have never been seen since the days of the Arian heresy, and yet these days are far, far worse.  

A terrible darkness has spread over the world and the Church. Modernism, Secularism, Humanism, and Scientism are eroding the ancient Truths of Faith; and aided by the poisonous ideology of Evolution, which is no science at all, have convinced many in the Church that Man is getting better all the time. Thus ignoring the fact that the last century has seen tyrants and wars which eclipse all others in recorded history, for aided by science the evils of war and tyranny have been magnified beyond all imagining, and that terrifying magnification is ever increasing, and evil is truly unrestrained.

Tragically the head of the Church on Earth, Pope Francis, by his utterances, his behaviour, his teaching and his actions, has shown himself to be indeed a great heretic. He has proclaimed that no-one goes to Hell, he has undermined the indissolubility of marriage, he has approved of couples living together, he has behaved in an ambiguous fashion towards homosexuals, and received warmly, not only homosexual couples, but a transgender person and his fiancé and pro-abortion advocates. Pope Francis has said that the death penalty is inadmissible, and finally, in outright contradiction to the First Commandment, has said that God has willed all religions, and that this must be taught throughout the Church in her seminaries, her universities, and her schools.

The hermits go on to lament the silence of the bishops, stating:

In all this, silence has enveloped the bishops. Unable or unwilling to confront the successor of Peter; either through human respect, fear of schism, or through the thought of being cast out of their dioceses by the Pope, they have been reduced to a state of helplessness.  Integrity has collapsed, fortitude has given way to cowardice and the flock are left, not only to the wolves, but to ravening lions, and every other conceivable violent personification of heresy and untruth .  The bishops have forgotten how to teach , are powerless to correct, and seem unable to prevent the cruel invasion of the LGBT propaganda machine into Catholic schools, and nowhere is this more evident than in Britain.

Some people who have commented on Donnelly’s post have said that Bishop Brian McGee had no choice but to excommunicate the hermits because their “declaration” stated they were withdrawing from the pope.  Others have stated the support the hermits’ “declaration.”

The members of the hermitage include Father Stephen de Kerdrel, Sister Colette Roberts and Brother Damon Kelly who had been arrested in the past for his public criticisms of homosexuality and abortion.

Source: https://www.complicitclergy.com/2019/12/25/catholic-hermits-excommunicated-on-christmas-day/


The ‘Stormberger’ Prophecies

The “forest-prophet” Mathias Lang / Mathias Stormberger (Starnberger, Sturmberger or
Stoaberger, also known as Mühlhiasl) lived in Rabenstein, Bavaria from 175X to 182X.
(Possibly two persons with the same first name). Lang could not read or write, so his
predictions went far beyond his educational horizon when he spoke of railroads, airplanes, and the atomic bomb. People mocked Lang during his lifetime, but history has proven the accuracy of many of his predictions.
This man from out of common stock gave such specific descriptions of a future world, three world wars, a falling away of the Christian church, and finally the end of times.
Fragments of his prophecies have come to us, despite Nazi attempts to destroy them, they still talk about the fate that awaits mankind. Whether told in his own words, or written by others who heard Stormberger’s prophetic visions, is not clear. What we know is that the prophecies are brief, but loaded with accurate and vivid images of events that occurred long after Stormberger told of them.
His prophecies:
“Iron rods will be built and iron monsters will bark through the wilderness.”
This is clearly a description of a railroad. James Watt of Scotland built the first steam engine in 1774 and early designs of steam powered engines that pulled cars on iron rail were already appearing in Europe and areas of the United States by 1830. Whether Stormberger saw these engines operating is unclear, but his description of “iron monsters” barking through the wilderness is almost poetic for anyone old enough to remember the actual sound of trains pulled by steam engines.
“Cars without horses and shaft will come . .”
It was a German, Karl Fredrick Benz, who designed the first automobile powered by a
gasoline engine. He patented his car in 1879, nearly 50 years after Stormberger perceived it.
Yet the concept of a four-wheeled vehicle powered by a motor was much older. French
designer Nicholas Joseph Cugnot built a steam-powered machine to haul artillery for the
French military in 1725. The famed Leonardo da Vinci designed the concept of both an
automobile and the airplane during the 1400s. Stormberger’s vision, however, identified
“cars.” He saw many of them “without horses and shaft.” In the days of horse-drawn wagons, there was a long wooden shaft on the front of the wagon on which a team of horses was attached.
“And man will fly through the air like birds.”
Leonardo da Vinci studied flight in the 1480s. He left over 100 drawings illustrating his
theories on flight. But his flying machine, which was, in effect, a helicopter was never built. Brothers Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier invented the first successful hot air balloon, and the first manned flight occurred in 1783, long before Stormberger made his prediction. It was not until the Wright brothers made their famous flight with a motorized craft in 1900 that aviation became a reality. And men DO, indeed, fly through the air today like birds. The skies are filled with aircraft of every description.

“When in the outskirts of the forest the iron road will be finished, and there the iron horse will be seen, a war will begin, to last twice two years. It would be fought with iron fortresses that move without horses.”
This was an almost uncanny vision of World War I from a very personal perspective, even though Stormberger was not alive to witness it. He lived in the Bavarian forests bordering Czechoslovakia. On the day hostilities broke out, August 1, 1914, a new railroad line between Kalteneck and Deggendorg, along the edge of the forest where Stormberger lived, was opened. The First World War lasted exactly four years. The iron fortresses that moved without horses is a reference to the iron tanks used in this war.
“Right after this horrible war there will come a time when money will have no value. For 200 guilders not even a loaf of bread will be available, and yet there shall be no famine. Money will be made of iron, and gold shall become so valuable that for a few gold coins a small farm can be bought.”
This is a description of the hyperinflation in Germany after World War I, when Germany was forced to repay huge war debts to the victors.
“After the Great War there will be no peace. The people will rise and all will fight
against each other… The rich and noble will be killed. The World War will not make
people better but much worse… Tell your children that their children will live to see the time when the earth will be cleared. God will do away with people because there will be no charity among men. Religious faith will decline; priests will not be respected; people will be intent only on eating and drinking; there will be many immensely rich people and large amounts of paupers; great wealth will not endure long, for the red caps will come. People will hide in forests and many will go into exile. After this civil conflict and general clearing, people will love each other as much as previously they hated one another.”
This seems to be a description of the time between WW 1 and WW 2. People that hide in
forests and go into exile describes the ethnic cleansing and persecution of the Jews by the Nazi government. The red caps refers possibly to the Soviet “Red Army.”
“Two or three decades after the first war it will come one a Second War still larger.
Almost all the nations of the world will be involved. Millions of men will die, without
being soldiers. The fire will fall from the sky and many great cities will be destroyed.”
Exactly 21 years later, two decades, after the conclusion of the first war, Hitler’s troops
attacked Poland and launched the first phase of World War II. Three years later, Japan
attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. The fighting concluded after the United States
dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. Millions died without being soldiers and fire fell from the sky with entire cities being destroyed.

“The Catholic faith will almost completely disappear, the religiousness will be quite
badly respected, they will not earn any respect due to their way of living.”
We are today witnessing the decline of the power of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide.
“There won’t be many good Christians among the people, the Commandments of God are no longer respected by the aristocracy as well as by the smallest worker.”
Again we are witnessing the decline of the Christian faith. While older people are clinging to their faith, the youth are turning away from organized religion.
“One will not think the greatest unfairness to be a sin. When the faith disappears also the love of the next one will completely lose itself. One will not estimate the justice, often the poor one will not be given right and he will be less respected than a dog.”
And here we have a perfect description of our contemporary society. In spite of laws
declaring the rights of individuals, the concept of justice is limited only to those with the
means to purchase it. We are seeing a failure by most people to love so wickedness abounds.
“After this a mischief will arise that has to be regretted, there will be no order among the people.”
Indeed, something is about to happen that Stormberger perceives as “a mischief” that will be regretted once it begins. And because of it, chaos will prevail. What did he see? That it is “mischief” suggests that it is not brought about by accidental action, but is a deliberate deed. This “mischief” apparently disrupts social order. Thus it suggests that authority is so stricken governments can no longer be effective. For the first time in history, Muslims are building large and growing minorities across the secular Western world—nowhere more visibly than in Western Europe. The impact is unfolding from Amsterdam to Paris to Madrid, as (the people of the crescent moon) struggle — with words, votes and sometimes violence — to stake out their place in adopted societies.
“After the second great war, people will think that peace has arrived, but it will be an interval only. One day a third World War will start, more awful than the preceding ones.”
“After the end of the Second Great War, a third universal conflagration will come, so that it will determine everything.”
Notice that he refers to the third war as a “universal conflagration.” The word conflagration means “fire” or “inferno.” From what we know about contemporary weaponry this appears to be a description of a nuclear conflict. Notice what else the prophet has to say about this conflict.
“When women walk around in pants, and men have become effeminate, so that one will no longer be able to tell men from women, then the time is near.”

images (2)

“People will build houses everywhere, high houses, low houses, one after another. When everyone builds, when everywhere buildings rise, everything will be cleared away.”
“There will be a holy Sign in the heavens, that a very severe Master will come and take off the Skin of the People. He will not rule very long, then when all that has happened as I said, then comes the great Clearing Away.”
“There will be weapons totally new. In one day, more men will die than in all the
previous wars. The battles will be accomplished with artificial (remote) weapons.”
Indeed, we have weaponry today that are so secret that we have only had hints of their power. Experimentation with space weaponry, electro-magnetic weapons and a multitude of other devices that will stop entire armies cold in the field before a shot can be fired has been going on for years. China, Russia and the United States have been developing missiles that can deliver multiple nuclear warheads halfway around the world. What Stormberger perceived as “artificial weapons” were devices that fight battles from far away at the push of the button.
“Gigantic catastrophes will happen. With the open eyes, the nations of the planet will go through these catastrophes. They won’t know what is happening, and those that know and tell, will be silenced.”
This is beginning to occur. We have already witnessed the worst natural disasters ever
recorded in human history. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying in massive
earthquakes, mud slides, hurricanes, tsunamis, bands of super tornados, and forest fires. As the world weather changes, dangerous insects and new diseases are appearing.
“Everything will be different from before, and in many places the Earth will be a great cemetery. The third war will be the end of many nations.”
“When women walk around in pants, and men have become effeminate, so that one will no longer be able to tell men from women, then the time is near.”
“The Bavarian land will be devastated, and the land of Bohemia (Bohemia is 2/3 of the  Czech republic) will be cleaned out as by a broom. Over all these places and over the Bohemian mountains will come the Reds… not the French, but the Reds.”
It looks like Stormberger perceives a global devastating nuclear war and many places where the Earth will be a great cemetery. Only a remnant of humanity will be left. He describes an invasion from the East into Germany by the Reds – the “Red Army?”
Stormberger even has a timeline for this final event that puts us all right in the middle of it.
He said: “You, my children, won’t experience the largest mischief, you my
grandchildren, won’t also experience it, but the third stock, that will easily experience it.”
In his final verses, Stormberger appears to be seeing a catastrophic event that is beyond his ability to explain or even properly describe. He notes that the sky and earth both burn and that people fall ill because it is the end of the world. Yet a few who manage to hide themselves under iron and stone are spared. Is it a nuclear war or something else?

His vision: “Over night it will take place – in a pub in Zwiesel (a city in Bavaria known for its glass) many people will be together, and outside the soldiers will ride over the bridge. The people will run out of the forest. Those who hide themselves at the Fuchsenriegel (a place in Austria) or at the Falkenstein (a stone castle, building with thick walls of stone?) remain spared. Who survives must have an iron heading.” (Heading – a term from metalworking. The survivors must be tough as the head of the iron nail or shielded with iron.)
“The people become ill, and nobody can help them . . .” (A possible reference to
radioactive poisoning.) “However it will continue, and what follows then, is the end of the world. Sky and earth burn, because it is the time when everything comes to an end. And this time will be, when the wild hunt with fire and sulphur roars over the country.”
After this, he said, “No humans will know anymore where Zwiesel and where Rabenstein (German towns) have been. Of all frights this will be the last. When the people fall off the bank like the flies off the wall, the last time begins. It will be horrible.”
Amazingly, Stormberger looks even beyond this final event to a time in the distant future
when he sees a pastoral scene: “But when however, someone at the whole Danube stream finds still another cow, then she is worth it to be attached with a silver bell by the owner.”
“After these events it will be a miracle, if one still sees two or three rulers going together. After these events the clarity will be anew, and those who survived, will face a good time for hope.”
“Then afterward a good time will come, that which is Loved by Jesus Christ, and holy men will do wonders. Once people have their faith again, a long period of peace will follow. Those who are still alive will be given housing and as much land as they need.  Andthe more hands one has, the more you will count.”
“Then there will be a shortened summer; winter and summer will not be
distinguishable. Although everything around the Danube is wasted and dead, there will  bepeople living in the woods and they will build houses in the woods — beautiful houses, in fact, because all bad things are over and all difficulties have been surpassed. And soon the nettles will grow out of the old buildings. And the forest will grow again without war and death.”
“Those who begin anew will build a church and praise God. Those who survive will say to each other ‘Brother, are you still living?’ and greet one another saying, ‘Jesus Christ be praised!’ This will not only be with us, but over the whole world. Right will become right again and peace will govern for many years.

By James Donahue



Dream of the Tribulation

By Ken Peters.

Source: http://www.888c.com/ykp818.htm

 I Saw The Tribulation.  – Prophecy / Dream given to Ken Peters, August 1981.
– (I had this dream almost twenty years ago, but I am only now allowed to release it.)
– The Prophecy Club, P. O. Box 750234, Topeka, KS 66675,  Phone (785) 266-1112

I was baffled, and at times extremely frightened.

I was NOT a born-again, spirit-filled Christian at the time of the dream,nor was I a biblical scholar, but I know the dream was from God!At the time of this dream I was a sinner, rebellious of Gods wayswith no desire to serve or follow any Christian doctrine.I was a semi-practicing Roman Catholic,but did so out of obligation to family traditions.Being Irish and Portuguese, I was obligated to follow family beliefs or be disowned by all loved ones.
Let me remind the reader at no time did I ask for, or seek any dream.  I was just living my life.

I went to sleep as any other night.  I began to dream in vivid color.  At times these events seemed chronological, at other times seemed to be more panoramic.

The Dead in Christ Rise First.  TV & Radio shut down for several Weeks. ]

The dream began with an extremely loud noise.

I saw the dead in Christ rise from their graves.  [ 1TH 4:16 ]
I saw people instantly come out of their graves.They were dressed in glimmering, glowing white clothing.
Then they instantly vanished.I did NOT see them go in the air,
I don’t know where they went.I did NOT see anyone ALIVE that REMAINED taken anywhere!I did NOT see a rapture, only the resurrection of the dead!

This created mass hysteria, pandemonium, despair and chaos permeating all society.

I could supernaturally see many regions of the earth and this chaos filled the whole planet.  [Ordo Ab Chao]
Everyone wanted to know what happened and where did the people go that came out of the graves?
Absolute hopelessness was in every heart, people were totally perplexed.
The whole world was in absolute disarray.
Television and radio communications were completely shut down for several weeks.[This temporary worldwide shut down could be caused by a significant solar flare (leaping out from the sun).  (Note: Any damage caused by the EMP from a regional nuclear explosion, would be permanent (not temporary, and not worldwide).)] ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

TV & Radio return:  Antichrist promoting world citizenship 12-14 hours/day. ]

I walked the streets in shock.  Everywhere there was absolute fear and lawlessness.  Looting and murdering everywhere.

After several weeks, television and radio communications began to slowly come back on line; however, all radio and television broadcasts were the same man promoting a “New Government and Leadership”.

This new man, whom I believe was the Antichrist, was emerging to lead us.

This man, with olive skin and dark hair, spoke with great eloquence and charisma.
He was soothing and promised answers to all the problems.
This man was smooth and extremely convincing — he was a master communicator.He explained how this removal of people was God’s judgment upon them.He began to communicate through large, flat screen televisions strategically placed nearly everywhere.  Everywhere I looked all radios and televisions on all channels and frequencies were his speeches.  That is all you could get on all radio and television twelve to fourteen hours a day.Hitler was not accepted when he first began, but this man was immediately accepted by almost all people.He gave new direction for the whole world.  He spoke of the “new times” upon us as human beings, new directives for global peace andthe need to give up current citizenship for “world citizenship”.This man constantly spoke of “World Order” and the benefits of all men dwelling together in peace.

images (1)

This alarmed me to think of relinquishing my US citizenship,

I was not convinced of this man’s “New Order”. My freedoms and patriotism were instantly eroded.People around the globe in staggering rates accepted his new plan.I was amazed to see how quickly and without resistance people surrendered their rights.  [ JOH 5:43 ...if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.]

I became depressed.  How could this be?  Was this the so-called “End of the World”?  [ 2TH 2:3 ]   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Searching for Answers leads to accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior. ]

Nearly hopeless, I began to search for answers.  While walking the streets one day, I met an elderly gentleman.  Everyone else was in despair but this man was friendly looking.  I asked him if he knew what was going on in the world?

He told me the end was coming and that he had not prepared for the time of the Lord.  At this statement sadness filled his countenance.  He said to me he had not been right with the Lord and began to tell me God’s plan for man’s salvation.  He carefully pulled a small Bible from his back pocket and began to show me scriptures revealing my need for a Savior.  My heart began to fill with joy as I asked Jesus Christto forgive me for my sinful ways and
to fill my heart! This man had a small following of others who had accepted the message of Jesus Christ.  Even though we were a small group, we began to make significant progress in spreading the gospel and meeting the physical needs of others.Our spreading the gospel seemed to work out in the most unusual ways.  We could tell God was with us.  This small band of Jesus followers had faith.  This was completely abstract to my thinking that God would actually be involved in the everyday affairs of those who followed him faithfully.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Worldwide Earthquake kills millions of people. ]

One day a great earthquake shook the whole earth with extreme magnitude.  [ MAT 24:7MAR 13:8LUK 21:11REV 6:128:511:1311:1916:18ISA 24 ]  Millions of people were killed and the whole world was stunned by the devastation and loss of property and life.  [ LUK 21:26 ]

I saw a tall triangular building with a glass exterior fall and kill two hundred people.  This building was not in existence when I had this dream, but it is now in the very place I saw it fall.

The earthquake was worldwide and I had never heard of such an event reaching global proportions.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Weather chaotic:  Crops perish, Droughts, Famines, Pestilence. ]

The weather completely changed.  I saw winter weather in the summertime, summer weather in the winter.  Winter became summer and summer became winter.

No one could predict weather patterns.  All weather forecasts proved useless, it was as though the weather now had its own mind.

Crops perished.  Droughts brought famines and deaths.  Deaths brought global pestilence.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Local Police replaced by UN world Military Police. ]

Local police departments were replaced with world military police.

They drove very unusual looking vehicles — now known as Hummvees or Hummers.

The men that were in them were dressed in all black uniforms with powder blue helmets.  Some wore what looked like baseball caps.  All of them were powder blue — now I know it to be United Nation’s blue.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Military Police & TV Sets track and monitor Everyone & Everything. ]

The new leader and his laws were not resisted.  There were no longer any elected officials.  The Constitution was not the law of the land.  It was shocking how easily our Constitution was replaced with a peaceful “martial law”. There was no privacy.  Military police were everywhere, tracking and monitoring everyone and everything.  I thought, “How did this happen to America so quickly and easily without resistance? Where were the ideas of our founding Fathers?”

We were totally monitored and tracked.  As time passed we came to realize that our television sets not only broadcast to us but also transmitted signals back to the military about us.  We discovered our television sets were somehow watching us as if they were cameras with microphones!  Television continually explained to us that we were now being saved from all their troubles by aligning ourselves with this “New Order”.  The “New Order” was said to have all the answers to our problems.  This new leadership was necessary to bring change, to finally bring in the “New Order” of envisioned global peace.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

For awhile, many “Christians” return to Jesus Christ in total surrender. ]

My work with the “Evangelist man” continued to increase.  Many so-called “Christians” were being changed by the power of the Gospel this man taught us.  These backslidden Christians explained how they had once had a relationship with Jesus but became cold in their faith and fell away from a life of holy, passionate, pursuit of God.  For a short period of time, many people came to Christ in total surrender.  [ JER 16:19-21 ]   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Avoid getting the Mark, Regardless of the Consequences! ]

One day a man approached me and told me that I should get my identification mark.  He told me we could no longer conduct business transactions without this identification mark on our right hand or forehead.  It looked like the sun with a hand in the middle.

You could see the flames coming out from it.  It was about the size of a nickel and was located in the web of the right hand between the thumb and first finger.  He encouraged me to get my identification mark to avoid the hassle. At that very instant a very strong impression came to me emphatically telling me to not get this mark under any circumstances — my mind began to hear a word directly from Revelation 13:16-18 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. [666]

This was to my utter amazement, seeing that I had never read the scriptures nor had heard of such an identification mark.  The New Order began to recommend people get their identification mark.  They sold the idea to the people much the same way the idea of using checks and credit cards convinced the public of their value.  Soon pressure was increased to the point that you could not buy or sell without this mark of identification.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

The voice of the Lord tells me not to return to my home. ]

More words rang in my mind, this time from Matthew 24:15-22  When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.  And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!  But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

I knew the end was coming fast and I needed to get to my wife.  A strong internal voice was trying to lead me along.  A voice kept telling me not to return to my home.  I did not know to obey the voice of the Lord.  I ran to my home to check on my wife as fast as I could.  When I arrived shock and fear overwhelmed me.  I began to understand what was happening on the earth.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I reached for my door knob, and I saw the door lock had been replaced with new locks.  My privacy was totally violated.  I will never forget the emptiness I felt as I saw the paint on the door from the previous locks.  I was locked out of my own home.

Again a voice spoke to me saying, “Don’t open the door.”  I did not recognize the voice of God.  In fear, I opened the door and was greeted by a devilish, sinister looking being.  I asked, “Who are you?”  It was a demon.  I screamed in great fear and shut the door and woke up.

Petrified and paralyzed from fear, I found myself lying in a pool of sweat, drenched from the agony of what I had seen.  It was three o’clock in the morning and I was beside myself in anguish.  I awoke my wife looking for solace, but she said it was just a nightmare and told me to go back to sleep.  I knew God was trying to tell me something, but why?  And why me?  I got up and began to pace the floor of our living room but peace was not to be found.  I was impressed to read the Holy Bible.  I did not even know if I owned a Bible.  I began to realize the absolute emptiness of my life — I knew no way out.  I went outside to my garage and began to search frantically through many boxes of discarded items for a Bible.  At last, I found it — a Saint Joseph Catholic Edition Bible.  How it got there I have no idea.

I went inside and began to read the book of the Apocalypse.  I must have read four or five chapters before falling back asleep.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Dread, Suicides, Nations loose sovereignty, Evil pervades, Spiritual Darkness. ]

As soon as I fell asleep the dream began again exactly where it stopped.  Once again I was facing this sinister being.  I was gripped with tremendous fear and ran off.  I began walking the streets.  Everyone was spiritually dead. Men’s faces everywhere were filled with the dread.  They looked as though they were in a catatonic state.  Suicide rapidly became the answer to the dread surrounding mankind, men’s hearts were literally failing them from fear.  People by the thousands were committing suicide.  The huge screen televisions kept broadcasting world events as though they were local news. By now nearly all nations were in the New Order.  This was very strange. There were almost no sovereign individual nations.  The world was now divided into global regions — no longer as continents and countries.  [ REV 17:13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.]

The awareness of God being on the Global scene was nearly impossible to detect. Evil had pervaded all aspects of society, gross spiritual darkness was covering the earth.  The actual gravity of despair and hopelessness was seen on every face.  People acted as robots, the love of many had waxed cold, showing little or no emotions; such as joy, peace and hope.  [MAT 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.]   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

The Lord’s people do Awesome Miracles worldwide for maybe 6 months. ]

The old Evangelist launched what he called the final all-out thrust, speaking the Word of God with reckless abandon.  In pockets all over the earth, others began doing the same.  I was able to see this awesome display of Almighty God’s power at work.  I could see the Global scene in full demonstration of who Jesus was and just what He could do.  I saw miracles everywhere.  God’s people working miracles on a wholesale basis by all who were truly the Lord’s people.  The difference was the real servants of God were able to do awesome miraculous works; creating miracles, including the dead raised to life, and healing after healing of incurable diseases.  This was happening all over the world.  It was as though Jesus himself was everywhere doing His work through ordinary people.  Unbelievable miracles were now commonplace.  [ JOE 2:23 …he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.]

This great outpouring of God’s Spirit was tremendous and very widespread.  Whole nations were being brought into the Kingdom of God.  It only lasted a very short time.  I was not clearly shown the time-frame, possibly six months.  Then gross darkness once again began engulfing the minds of all who would not hear the message of hope.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

The “New Order” plan is revealed:  Totally eliminate all Christians. ]

Not long after the evangelistic thrust began, we were captured by “military” agents.  We were taken into custody and questioned regarding our affairs. These agents had firsthand knowledge of all our actions.  It was as though they were with us the entire time.  The questioning was kind at first.  We were given an explanation of the “New Order” and it was stressed to us the need for our allegiance, since there was no more United States of America.  The men speaking to us were very polished in their delivery and quite convincing about the need for our cooperation.  We were eventually told we must not propagate the Gospel.  We refused to stop our evangelism and were taken to another level of interrogation.


The true heart of the “New Order” was finally revealed.  The threats and taunts were now at full power.  It was frightening.They told us their plan was to totally eliminate all Christians.

They said our outdated religious practices were futile and that many Christians had cracked under the pressure of the “New Order”, thus proving the emptiness of their faith.

Mockery and insolence was the scheme of the interrogation, which lasted for hours.

They began to ask us to deny “Him”.
They would never say the name “Jesus”, they called Jesus, “Him.”
They could not say the name!   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

I knew now that the only way to be saved was to die for Jesus. ]


If a man was not truly on The Rock of Jesus it would be easy for them to break — even the strongest.  We were given divine strength and courage and would not back down at their threats.  Finally, after many hours of interrogation, we were led down a very long corridor.  Hundreds of people were in a single file line.  Several doors separated this long corridor and at random times, more interrogators would burst forth and more in the line would fall away. I saw many step out of the line.  As they stepped out of the line they would begin to cry.  We began to realize this was a line of Christians on their way to some type of torture or something.  [ Rev 17:6Rev 20:4 ]

After many hours we reached the last visible doorway.  The door opened revealing an executioner and several agents.  Now the full realization of what this was came to us.  Fear gripped me!  Never before had I experienced such fear! I began to shake.  It was not shaking as if I were cold.  I was shaking violently. I began to shake like a washing machine severely out of balance.  Extreme chills engulfed my whole body.  I could barely stand.  My jaws became locked!  This man had a black hood with holes for the eyes and mouth.  He had a sword that looked like Sinbad’s sword in movies.  It looked like the sword on the Masonic emblems.  The presence of evil was thick, it was literally tangible. The whole experience was horrifying and I knew now that the only way to be saved was to die for your faith.

The time had come when the only way to be saved was to die for Jesus.
Only a few times had I heard the term “martyr” and now I was about to become one.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

Tormenting voices:  You will deny ‘Him!’  You are a coward!  Give up and live! ]

I began to hear loud voices around me shouting, “It is not to late.  Deny your faith in ‘Him’ and you may live!  Deny Him and you will live!  Deny Him and you will live!”  [ MAT 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.]

I did not know what would be better — to live in the earth the way it was, or to die.  Confusion assaulted my mind.  My old Evangelist friend was executed — right before my very eyes.  I knew the end was coming, one way or another.  The old man was not fearful at all.  Next was my wife, I could not bear it all!

I was tormented by voices saying, “You will deny ‘Him!’ You are a coward! Give up and live!”   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

[ “Lord save me, I don’t want to deny you!”  was my call on the Lord for help. ]

My mind was in complete hysteria and worst of all, I could not even speak out loud!  I was emotionally paralyzed.  Here my wife is now about to die and I can’t even speak.  Suddenly the door shut and I know she too is gone.  It felt as though I would freeze, it was so cold and dreadful.  I began to fear I would deny Jesus and renounce my faith in His Lordship.  I felt complete hopelessness — the reality of denying the Lord was overwhelming!  I could not speak to call on the Lord for help, so deep inside I said,

Lord save me, I don’t want to deny you!
Instantly I felt a hand touch my right shoulder and great warmth and peace flooded my whole being.  I looked back to see who was with me, and there stood Jesus.

I am not sure how he got there or if he was noticed by others, but there He was and He was glorious!  His eyes were like fire — blazing lamps looking deep into my soul.  Strong yet comforting, He spoke to me and told me,

Fear not, for death shall never hold you, my son.”

PHI 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.]

All at once courage and boldness took hold of me and I declared, “I shall never deny Jesus Christ, for He is Lord of all and desires you to be saved from your sin!” [ MAT 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.]   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]

My execution is painless:  … absent from the body … present with the Lord. ]

The door opened again.  This time it was my turn.  I was laid face up on a table in the shape of a cross.  My body was strapped to the table on what would be the vertical part of the cross and my arms were strapped to what would be the horizontal part.

The executioner stood to take my life.  I saw the sword raised.  I saw it fall, but as soon as the blade of the sword touched the front of my neck I was gone, literally gone from my body.  I felt no pain!!  I was instantly standing beside Jesus looking upon the whole scene.  [ 2CO 5:8 …to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.]

I saw my body bleeding profusely.  The executioner and the agents made several comments about how much more I bled than most.  I bled so much that the executioner took off his mask shouting, “I will not kill another one of these people.”  I awoke from the dream, very, very shaken and needing many answers from this dream.   ^  Events surrounding this prophecy.]